image I love our readers. You’re just sitting on your hands waiting for Max 5 to arrive, because the moment it goes up my inbox is suddenly full. As of a few moments ago, the long-awaited upgrade to the popular modular patching environment for music and visuals has arrived. You can download Max 5 right now, and according to the C74 site, it will happily run alongside Max 4.6, so you can keep the old version for compatibility while you evaluate the new one. Let us know how you like the new release!

Max 5 Downloads

Max 5 Product Descriptions [links now working!]

Max Online Documentation, including what’s new

  • jon


  • pow! made my night.

  • This is a massive overall….reeking of ableton….joint project not Max 5 eh? My ass. Quite impressed.

  • They've bundled Jitter with it at a slightly more attractive price if you are into it for the first time.

  • Wow, great upgrade. I’m in max bliss.

  • as for me, I'm not that impressed: I mostly use Max as a host for implementing physics-based sound synthesis algorithms. No differences here. The interface is still very music- (if not midi-) oriented compared to pd and the DSP engine is exactly the same, and it's very 90s. 🙁

    Anyway, we waited until 2008 and now Max has multiple undo. Hurrah'! That's true innovation

    Moreover, I just compared my "old" 1st generation Intel MacBook Pro (Core Duo 2,16GHz) running Max 4.6.3 with a brand new MacBook Pro (Core 2 Duo, 2,4 GHz) running Max 5: well, with the very same patch and identical configuration, the cpu load is 7/8% HIGHER on the new Mac!!?!?!

  • Joshua

    Check out that new FM synth in the example section. I really like the new gui.

  • Art

    As for the first impression, I don`t like the new interface it is slower and looks like ugly java. Max lost it`s unique face.

  • @lost: It's definitely C74's work, not Ableton, so if there's an Ableton influence it's just inspirational. It's two ways, though, in that I understand Live's current video support includes input from the C74 world. As for what else the collaboration might yield, you'll have to wait and see.

    @noou: Not sure where your CPU load issue might be; it's going to be difficult to assume anything based on one patch. But honestly, I'd say perhaps your best answer is to use Pd. I don't think Max is the right tool for everyone, or for every task. And people might benefit from what you're doing in an open source implementation. That's not a knock against Max; on the contrary, I think it's better for everyone when they're able to exercise their choices.

  • ed

    argh! darn, they still use that horrid, horrid, third-party copy-protection. I want to use max, i really do but I refuse to install that rubbish on my computer.

  • jon

    @Art: I can deal with the slower interface if it saves me time in workflow. And it looks like that might happen, though I'll need a couple more weeks to decide. [insert Win vs. Mac debate here]