Arise Brisbane visualists! For too long have our Melbourne, Sydney and Perthian sistren and brethren been meeting up, drinking beers and collaborating while we Briswegians remain locked away, alone, learning new stuff from textbooks and crying ourselves to sleep…

Sorry, bit of a depressing start there. Let me rephrase: After a year touring with a band I am about to be back in Brisbane on a more reliable basis, and – having discussed the idea with several local VJs – I think it’s high time that we have a local chapter of the inimitable Plug N Play.

There are several logistical questions to answer, but the most important one is: Who wants to come? Put your virtual hand up in the comments, and we’ll go from there.

If you’re feeling frisky, other things to discuss may include: Venue (somewhere with good coffee, plenty of space, wireless internet and a tolerant attitude towards geeks would be ideal,) dates, times, regularity, format (workshop/informal get-together/performance/show-n-tell)…

If anyone who’s currently coordinating similar events have advice to give, we’d love to hear it.

Update: I’ve made a Facebook Group to enable communications until we have a chance to setup a Plug N Play Brisbane website).

Update to the Update: We have a Venue, Date and Time. Tuesday 6th May, 4-9PM, at the Visible Ink space, 54 Berwick St, Fortitude Valley. There’s a Facbook event, and I’m aiming to have a PnPBris website sorted before the big day.

  • Count me in!

  • chaos theory

    Count me in! x 2

  • I too would like to be counted "in".
    Good Coffee and Plenty of Space are a tricky combination though. All the good coffee stores are small.

  • David Whipps

    Count me in as a useless newcomer.

  • David Whipps

    Maybe start a Facebook event up? It would be effective in advertising for more numbers and easier to help organise.

  • Me Three.

  • Good idea on the Facebook thing, but I've made it a Facebook Group, not just an event 🙂

    I just received my Vixid VJX16-4, so I'll be able to demo it and let people have a try on our inaugral session. Whoo!

  • grigori

    Featuring Jixid Vaymis 🙂

    Im dere!! I have v4, laptops and midi, who will bring the table 🙂

  • Nice one 🙂
    Well up for this. I'll be out of town a lot this year, but will be watching very closely. I know of a venue or two, but yeah good coffee might be tricky.

    Oh and good on you for making this happen, much needed I reckon.

  • yo – i played live audio sets for Jeanpoole at melbz plug n play – would be keen az to see a PnP Brisbane!

  • Simulcast

    hey hey…
    back from out west…
    you guys know i'm up for this…let's rock it 🙂

  • I am playing audio at an up coming plug n play in melbourne. So I am very keen to see this event become a regular in Brisbane….

  • shiptu_shaboo

    didnt realise how many cortex jockeys brizvegas had, cool will have to come and check this out

  • Brisbane has waited too long for this event. It will be good to see this community in the on spot.

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  • VXPZ

    Hey count me in the pplug n play melbourne. I am a chilean Vj just arrived in. would love to shar some vjin techs and c what is it like here in OZ.
    So yeah, i'll be around
    hope to c u all soon