I’m sure I’m not the only visualist to have been inspired by Autechre’s Gantz Graf video, nor the only person to have watched it and though “some day, we will be able to do that in realtime”:

I think we’re still quite a way off, but the latest project to set my mind thinking along these lines is Amoeba Dance – Caliper Remote (and the followup, Amoeba Dance with Mad Girls,) by CDMo reader Memo:

This is created realtime in VDMX from a quartz composer generator, controlled by 9-band audio analysis, and topped off with a very nice little effects chain.

A few people have mentioned they don’t get the same look when they use the QTZ file, this is because the QTZ file renders with very basic shading and there is quite a bit of post done in VDMX. The Effects I’m using (from top to bottom) are:
Serpia Tone (100%, Source Atop)
Shaded Material (0-40% tied to audio analysis, Soft Light)
City Lights (100%, Source Atop)
Bloom (100%, Screen)

I’ve also got a 9-band audio analysis going on, with different frequencies driving all the parameters of QTZ. You can just setup the frequencies randomly and it will do pretty cool stuff to almost any song (see http://www.memo.tv/amoeba_dance_v1_5 for an example!!), but it is best to taylor the frequencies to the specific song…

Memo shares the GLSL code and the QTZ file on his site, which contains some interesting nuggets of QC, Actionscript, Processing and other codey goodness. PK: Because this uses GLSL which runs in any OpenGL environment, you could also port the geometry stuff to Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter, Pd/GEM, or (with some adjustments) even things like vvvv, etc. — no need for Quartz Composer per se.

He also maintains a VDMX and Quartz Composer repository: http://vdmx.memo.tv/.

Awesome work, and more to come it seems.

For all of the other CDMo readers who are doing cool things, don’t wait for us to find you: Hit the comments or the contact page and tell us what you’re up to!

  • looks very much like a supershape to me. in which case you would not have to port it to vvvv because there are already <a href="http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=User+Shaders&highlight=superformula&quot; rel="nofollow">vvvv-supershape-hlsl-shader-implementations.

  • my first thought, too, about the supershape… 🙂

  • cat

    If you think were still a way off you need to see Sanche's stuff http://sanchtv.com/ he was doing all this and more a year ago (and even 2 years for cpu implimentations) in vvvv.
    Its nodeFest starting tomorrow for anyone near Germany, vvvv first festival, I'm expecting to see some great things….

  • Yea theres definetly a lot of cool stuff happening the VVVV world, and I'm quite gutted it doesn't exist on Mac.

    The shape here is actually waaaay simpler than the supershape… it is a simple sphere with a very basic sinuisaoidal deformation in spherical coordinates:
    radius += sin(phi * count1 + phase1) * amp1 + cos(theta * count2 + phase2) * amp2;
    where (count1, count2, phase1, phase2, amp1, amp2) are the parameters to be tweaked and (radius, phi, theta) are the spherical coordinates of each vertex.

    The exciting thing for me of using a radial deformation as opposed to a generative algorithm (like a supershape) is that it can be applied to imported 3D models… which will be the next task 😛

  • some guy ported the vvvv-HLSL-implementation of the superformula to GLSL to use it in QC. see vvvvorums
    and machinesdontcare

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  • a|x

    Cool, Memo, just seen this page 🙂

    Just for info, I got the GLSL-port of the VVVV Superformula shader working on my ATI-GPU MacBook Pro. I've been having some issues with my shaders running on NVIDIA-equipped Macs though, so I'll have to revisit that one soon and see if I need to tweak it to work on both types of graphics cards. If it works OK I'll release it into the wild sometime soon, hopefully 🙂

  • Very pretty – I'm not generally a fan of real-time audio analysis for driving visuals, but this one has a nice bounce to it. I bet the song choice has something to do with that as well.

  • Wanna see grantz graft live, check this guy!

    Just spotted Movax on vjforums, with a live generated 3d clip, wow!!! I remember this thread…

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