image Our friends at the Spanish-language site are streaming Theremin music live for free worldwide from the Ethermusic Festival in Moog country, North Carolina. (Pictured, right: Randy George.)

Hispasonic TV

When it’s not live, the previous recording plays on continuous loop. From Hispasonic’s Xabier:

Now we are just replaying the yesterday concert. The next live webcast will be at 2:30 AM (GMT+2) – 08:30 PM (GMT-4).

And speaking of Moog, here’s an update from Frank Schubert, who played at the show, regarding Moog’s new guitar:

The show was great.  We opened up and then did a piece with Justin from Moog who was playing the guitar.  Then they did the formal announcement, described the guitar and then Justin and his band played a 25 minute set with the guitar.  Kevin Kissinger played a great set and then was joined by Justin on the Moog guitar as well.  There were a bunch of people shooting video and photos.  They will most likely make them available – I will let you know when they are posted.  We did not take any video.

I did get to play the guitar for a minute.  It felt great.  It also sounded great when played.  So I think it is official….

In comments — a correction to Frank’s description:

Jason Daniello from MoogMusic demonstrated the new Moog Guitar and his band’s name is The Broomstars

Okay, so that bit where I thought it was an April Fool’s joke — sorry! (Yeah, my April record hasn’t been so fantastic, since the Ableton Vocoder also appears to be in development.)

If anyone has other photos/video, drop us a line!

  • Ahem. Wrong Carolina there, Mr. Kirn.

    Despite sharing the latter part of our state names, we North Carolinians do our best to not be associated with our neighbors to the South.


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  • Streamed some of the performances yesterday… some great playing!

  • @Evan: Holy crap … how'd I screw that up?

    Maybe I should stop drinking this delicious Kentucky bourbon while blogging. 😉

  • Andrew Edahl

    Hahaha… as a South Carolinian 😉

    No.. I was born in Charlotte, I hated moving down here…

    But you can't beat Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, now can you?

  • Damian

    Hello mr Kirn. I`m living in Poland and i was buy yours book- Real Word Digital Audio. She is great. Right now im reading chapter 8 about Midi 🙂 Im playing on electric guitar and I wont recording some sound with computer. I wont just tell you Thanks becouse yours book is very helpfull. Good luck and I`m waiting for another one title. 😉

  • North Carolina, South Carolina, Carolina Eyck… it's all good.

  • @Andrew:

    The Charleston area is certainly the highlight of South Carolina. I'll be down there in less than a month, recording some chamber music at Spoleto. And to be fair, South Carolina can support some CDM-type goodness, too, as Laurie Anderson will be performing some piece "built on a foundation of groove electronics" (so sayest the press blurb) at this year's festival.

  • I've been to both Carolinas, and I love them equally. Hence I sometimes call these siblings by the wrong name. 😉

  • moogie

    correction time again: Jason Daniello from MoogMusic demonstrated the new Moog Guitar and his band's name is The Broomstars.

  • Jason did an amazing job of showcasing the Moog Guitar. The Broomstars set was great as well.

  • Andrew Edahl


    Well… it's been a month.

    Maybe, just maybe, fate will have us meet.