loopcentury-freeware.jpgThis just in from pixel-burninators and soon-to-be-purveyors of fine realtime 3D visual performance software, artificialeyes: VJ Loop Century seem to be claiming that 3L is their “home made realtime visual software”, which is “available as a freeware for unlimited downloads !”.

They then go on to, erm, reproduce without attribution, Peter’s “How awesome is 2008 (3L! Whoo!)” post, even though it explicitly names artificialeyes as the creators of 3L.

I’m not sure what else to say about this. Michael has plenty more though.

  • I predict a complete redesign of their website in the next couple of hours. At least a copy update..

  • Holy fucking shit. Are people serious? That is insane.

  • ehdyn

    Fucking Fuckers.

  • Oooh my! Hope they stop this as soon as possible!

  • VJ Loop Century has removed the content in question from their website, and apologized for the inexact attempt to promote THRILL, which occurred as a result of his poor understanding of english. We accept the apology, and have removed the original post from our websites.

    It is further important to note that this mistake is in no way associated with other former or current collaborators of Loop Century.

    artificialeyes.tv appreciates the support of the community which also sent emails or comments directly to Loop Century.

  • Ah, thats tough then, if it was a language thing, especially if he was trying to promote 3L, and inadvertently ended up pissing everyone off. Still, some of that really seems like they were TRYING to get it 'wrong', no?