image Bart from Resolume has posted some details of the release of FreeFrame 1.5, including OpenGL-based FreeFrameGL:

FreeFrame 1.5 Release

Here’s why it makes us smiling, happy visualists:

  • Open and wide: It’s open, and supported by multiple hosts (the creators of VJamm, Resolume, and Salvation all contributed to the 1.5 team)
  • GPU, go! It gives you GPU-powered goodness, meaning more flexibility, power, and speed for 2D and 3D effects alike
  • More pixels, more frames: It runs at higher resolutions and frame rates
  • Third Dimension: It supports 3D functions and pixel shaders for joyous new eye candy
  • Timing: A timing function allows time-dependent visual effects like particle systems and physical simulations (tasty!)
  • Developer-friendly: Sample projects (Microsoft Visual Studio, Delphi, Xcode) and source should help get coders up and running — and the coders then turn out goodness for you non-coders
  • User-friendly: If you don’t want to code, you can expect lots more awesome plug-ins for your VJ app of choice.

Join us in CDM Labs: If you’re interested in joining a special CDMotion team working on additional documentation and sample projects, give me a holler. Otherwise, stay tuned.

Pictured: one of the Resolume team’s plug-ins in development.

Anyone up for doing the Death Star?

  • Im definitely down with this, its an exciting development – im going to be (or, should I say, going to try) to port my existing shaders over to FFGL, and implement an FFGL Cocoa app, in concert with QC and CI effects.

    Ive really been rather unhappy with the gotchas of Core Image Kernel language after playing with it, so going back to vanilla OpenGL/GLSL freaking wonderful.

    Once I finish all the .. other goddamn projects I have in the pipe….

    But this is a great development.

  • Yeah, I really do respect what Apple has done with CI and QC; I just feel like OpenGL makes a lot more sense for this kind of development — it's (far) better-documented, better understood, and portable.