Aforementioned visual synthsizer slash exercise tool WiiWhorld has been released for public consumption.

Jeff Mission has tied together GlovePIE (for Bluetooth/Wiimote input (previously on CDMo)), Whorld, and his own secret sauce (a GlovePIE script to control Whorld).

Put them all together with a dash of virtual midi port, and you get this:

Or as Jeff describes it:

Whorld is a free, open-source, live visual synthesizer for sacred geometry. It uses math to create a seamless animation of mesmerizing psychedelic images. You can VJ with it, make unique digital artwork with it, or sit back and watch it like a screensaver. The WiiWhorld project makes it possible to control the Whorld visualizer with the Nintendo Wiimote.


  • Thanks for the link! I just updated my blog page with more information on the Wiimote mappings – what each of the buttons and accelerometers do.

    For non-Wiimote users, I also have a speech command script for Whorld – to be published soon…

  • somehow similar: wiiwiiwiiwii

  • Matt

    Really is amazing how much homebrew stuff is being done with the Wiimote that has nothing to do with 'video'-games' as such… Nintendo must be stoked.

  • ian

    IMO the real hero here is MEMS, not Nintendo… i wonder if nintendo had any idea this sort of thing would come so soon after the Wii's release! (as if it wasn't hard enough to get WiiMotes in some places)

  • xpez

    cool..but it looks like a itunes visualizer with wii controller…

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