One of the things I’ve really grown to appreciate over recent months is the rich communities on Flickr and Vimeo — Flickr for stills, Vimeo for videos. Each of those, incidentally, has very active groups around free visual tools vvvv (for Windows) and Processing (for everything). Unlike "big bucket" sites like YouTube, Vimeo in particular has had some really terrific niche crowds of people.

Of course, now Flickr has gone and added video. I don’t see this becoming anyone’s primary video uploading site, given a more restricted feature set, the mixture of videos and photos, and the 90-second length cap. But as a supplement to, say, Vimeo, it’s interesting — especially given the number of times I’ve wound up in someone’s photoset staring at a still image and wondering what the thing looks like in motion.

Personally, I could easily see doing long-form or "feature" videos on Vimeo and adding photos to Flickr where it makes sense in my photostream — it’s all about context for me, rather than dumping lots of random stuff everywhere.

How do you feel about Flickr video? Are you using it? Are you staying away from it? Any first impressions? Videos you’ve got I’m you’d like to share with the CDMotion community?

Don’t forget the CDMotion Flickr Group; we’ll be watching for videos there.

At top: one the first people in my contact list to use Flickr Video is interactive artist ("slash" many other things) Jaki Levy, who is doing HD video for Ralph Lauren’s flagship store here in New York — see his blog.

  • I wont be using it myself. I've become rather frustrated with flickr as recently my hard drive failed, before I had gotten a second drive for backups, and so all my photo's where lost except for a few scaled down VGA sized shots that I recovered from my iPod. I contacted Flickr staff about this, and they simply refuse to give me any access to my photo's on their server's unless I pay for a flickr pro account, which I can't afford, living entirely off a small disability pension. The only thing keeping me on flickr now is the community, which they have an unfortunate monopoly on.

    Viva la Vimeo!

  • Toastie

    I wouldn't do flickr video. I've only recently signed up for Vimeo and its fantastic. Its such a hot bet for creative work and everyone's really supportive. While there are some really creative peeps on flickr, I can easily see creative video mixed up with home movies.

  • I've been really loving so far – I get complete control over my formats, encoding, and the like. I think Vimeo looks pretty sharp, too. Can anyone compare Flickr to Blip now? Advantages?

    I've been on Flickr for photos since the early days.

    Jenna, I hear you, but see if a friend would be willing to donate for you. It's only $25/year.

  • I have to agree with you, flickr is the best for photos, and vimeo is heaven for video. I think flickr including video could be a good thing, I did a test when they first announced as a way to show my design work

    since I use flickr for that mainly. But you can't really top vimeo when it comes to video. Their site design is so nice and very user friendly.

  • V–V–V–V

    i remember going to a website that had a fullscreen view of videos, and when you entered the page, the first video played automatically, and once one was over static appereared and the next video came on, i right clicked the screen and it sayed "powered by" so i sigend up for an account hoping I could achieve the same, but unfortuantely i never found the option to make my videos appear on my website as such

    i cant remember what website had that layout though, does anyone know what im talking about?

  • Vimeo is indeed clean and it currently passes the Websense filtration at my school.
    Nor does flickr, long my favorite. There's always something energizing about a limitation like No more than 90 Seconds.

  • tim

    Is the sound in flickr videos in stereo?
    aside from better video quality, stereo audio was my main reason for using vimeo rather than youtube….

  • Phil Claffey


    I just looked at Vimeo, seems like a great site, not just the usually mass of ill executed and edited clips found elsewhere. It was only 5 years ago when as a film student I spent days trying to upload a video for web for mainstream consumption.

    I recently discovered a one upload wonder – – this site not only uploads your video but it then uploads to the top 14 video sites, saves alot of grief and gives you reports too…

    My choice… use them all!


  • Peter – thanks for the post.

    Vimeo is great – no arguments here.

    However, I definitely think that Flickr has certain advantages over other video sites. The flickr API is just so nice, having videos on there is just one more perk.

    Also – there are many artists and photographers on flickr posting time lapse videos made of individual photos.

    Take a look here:

    and @Jenna – you should definitely be able to find someone who'll donate or purchase a pro account for you. good luck!

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