Beatesthesia Custom Visulizer from olly gore on Vimeo.

Beatesthesia is a new open-source, cross-platform VJing/music visualizer application programmed in Processing. It sports some interesting design decisions, including an audio-reactive user interface. Its an interesting idea, and is certainly pretty and definitely novel. At first glance, I didn’t like the blinking UI; it struck me as being far too distracting, but, after second thought, it’s a pretty decent way of conveying content and disambiguating a UI elements purpose. Well done. Check out the Vimeo video and home page to get a feel for its capabilities.

Beatesthesia strikes me as being more of a music visualizer than a fully featured VJ application, but it’s open source, which means it will grow as it pulls in a dedicated user base. Beatesthesia’s website also hosts shared projects, so you can explore other users visualizations. [Ed. For what it’s worth, it looks like more than just a visualizer to me — especially as you start to edit the ways in which it works and make more elements “performable” — and if you don’t like this specific implementation, you could certainly code your own in Processing! Anyone performing with this or building something similar, let us know. -PK]

  • Can't run it on fedora even with the java from SUN 🙁
    got to trie with ubuntu

    any sucess out there with linux ?

  • Yeah, unfortunately Processing's support on Linux is still sketchy at best, because of some missing components (like QuickTime Java, which was never ported to Linux). I'd start with some simple examples so you can see what does and doesn't work.

  • tnkx 🙂
    i'll try on mac 😛

  • The linux application worked for me on ubuntu. I apologise for the sloppy, sloppy code and serious lack of comments but deadlines are deadlines. I will try to get a polished version up ASAP. For best results use windows and run the program using the processing environment and the source code.

  • tnkx olly 🙂

  • download site is down 🙁
    Olly if you need server space beep me 😉

  • morph

    I'd be keen to have a play with this if there was actually a link that I could check out and DL from.

  • the hosting is suspended 🙁

  • the hosting is suspended where can we get it ASAP

  • wes

    i just dont know how to install it, it wont start if i just click the and the readme says to use terminal and then from the directory type: chmod +x

    i'm sorry but i dont understand, i did that and terminal says so n so is a directory. so please what am i doing wrong? how do i get it to start?

  • Josher

    (mac) for first time terminal users, type (all one line)

    chmod +x /applications/beatmac/application.macosx/

  • Josher

    anyone know what 'data' folder they're referring to in the instructions? How do I upload my own songs?

  • Please use the sourcecode version for the 'data' folder to be editable. It appears on application export everything is wrapped in a jar file and is uneditable. If anyone knows how to get round this please let me know.

    I have been overwhelmed by the interest and never expected it. A full site, instructions and new commented version will be availale soon, please be patient.

  • wes

    well i got it to start but i think theres a few bugs, it always freezes when i press load a song, or sometimes on other things.

    The link is bad 🙂
    How do I download the program?

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