Photo: Home Taping Is Killing Music, (CC) andy in nyc.

This is a profound comment on so many levels. I’ll let it speak for itself:

Yes, you can contact with me. But, if you would want that I played on your party on cassettes, then I refuse. I do not play on cassettes any more. In general, I don’t want play in the club, because people come there to drink and to search partner for copulate. This is bad.

Artjom, Russian DJ and alternative interface researcher, commenting on Homemade Cassette Tape DJ Mixers + Max/MSP PC

We feel you, Artjom. T-shirt designs will be accepted.

Editorial note: One of the problems with the Internet is that you can’t detect tone. So let me be clear, any would-be kill-joys: I like this quote because it, haiku-like, sums up the world of music. And it mentions cassettes. What’s not to love? Jeez.

  • Completely agree with him. It's more about dancing drunk with drunk girls nowadays 🙁

  • Wilbo

    Aren't we all just to search for partner to copulate?

  • Blip

    It is really bad when it does not work.

  • wax

    post to me made otherwise shit day well.

  • Daily Reader 102080d

    Why are you making fun of this guy?

    Because his English isn't perfect? How's your Russian?

    Because he has a different moral code than you? He's not asking you to live like him?

    This is an uncool posting from a site I consider cool.

  • No, dude. I'm not making fun of him. I tend to agree with him. 🙂

    This will hopefully be the first of a series extracting wisdom from CDM comments.

    Oh, and yeah — I speak English fluently (well, allegedly; I've been known to butcher it from time to time on this site). Doesn't mean I always say something useful with it; I'll be the first to admit that.

  • ernesto (costa rica)

    i love it, gonna submit my shirt design soon.

  • tricil

    search partner for copulate!

  • ERS

    There are a lot of bands that exist in the middle space between jazz/jam/experimental (MMW comes immediately to mind) that I have seen play in both drunk dance clubs and staid concert halls with perfect acoustics (as well as the middle ground of a sit-down jazz club with a bit of dancing on the side).

    I don't know that either is necessarily better/worse, just different 🙂

  • You missed the BIGGE

    Wow, you publish the word copulate and everyone goes nuts over something that is obvious. NEWS FLASH: Clubs are SOLELY about copulation. Booze is just the first coat of lubrication, of course.

    Clubs are not music venues in the sense that they are somehow an arena for musical exploration/contemplation/experimentation.

    I think the point of what this commenter is trying to get at may have a lot to do with another quote by Frank Zappa:

    "The manner in which Americans 'consume' music has a lot to do with leaving it on their coffee tables, or using it as wallpaper for their lifestyles, like the score of a movie –it's consumed that way without any regard for how and why it's made."

    Personally, I think you can substitute the word "Americans" with the idea of "pop-culture folks", as America has become a pathogen all its own – consuming culture and excreting mediocrity.

    If you are interested in making anything good (music, art, literature, etc.) stay the fuck in your basement. What is popular is wrong.

  • bliss

    Strange how some folks overreact to a simple comment that expresses one's view of the demise of a particular culture.

  • Indeed, I would even go as far as saying Russians copulated and drank before they caught Americanism.

  • 4lefts

    can i get an "ubercoolishegrad"?

  • Jiff

    His use of English IS pretty hillarious though.

  • If Artjom didn't exist, we would have had to invent him. In fact, I dreamed Artjom in 1986 and wrote this song by him on this same topic.

    <!– Amie Street Mini Player –>

  • Downpressor

    I have a bit of trouble sympathizing with this. We are talking about a DJ, not a performer of serious music, right? Unless its one of those things where DJs are screwing up the music to the point where its undanceable, (turntablism or whatever the kids are calling it these days) why would anyone want to pay attention to the DJ instead of enjoying the music?

    Anyway, he can have whatever opinion he wants whether anyone agrees with it or not.

    Maybe this quote is out of context?

  • I agree with Artjom's sentiments wholeheartedly. Unfortunately music/sound has become looked upon less as a valid form of art…and more as a marketing commodity for an ongoing global popularity contest.

    In my eyes there has become a hard line drawn between musicians and artists. Music in the name of image or music in the name of art?

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  • Jay Robinson

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  • Guest

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  • Guest

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