There are various ways to bridge the gap between vinyl records and computers, as we saw last week. You can cut records with digital timecode. You can build controller hardware that simulates the resistance of a motor, or mechanically control digital media using the turntable platter. And then there are the brute force methods, like strapping mice to turntables.

Squarely in the brute-force camp, our friend Ean Golden at DJ Tech Tools has added 7" records to the wheels on Vestax’s VCI-100 USB controller. If you want to do the same violence to your VCI-100 (I love how abused Ean’s VCI is looking, especially with those custom arcade buttons), Ean has a tutorial:

Add Records to your VCI-100 Jog Wheels []

The VCI still doesn’t feel like a turntable; I think it’s best thought of as something new and digital. And you do lose access to some of the controls. But I love that it’s customized in this way. Maybe I’ll add hubcaps to mine.

  • tobamai

    My understanding is that he posted this mostly as a joke, it makes some of the other controls unusable. His VCI looks so beat up because he didn't sand it before painting it black, so the paint is just flaking off.

  • Actually, just spoke to Ean on the phone and we talked about this. Yep, it was something of a joke — but he says the results feel great. (Proof that materials / texture matter in controllers in general.) You could theoretically mod the Vestax by building a new enclosure for this — though, then, you'd probably just build a controller from scratch. And given what we saw with those TerminatorX controllers, someone doing something *like* this with real records is well within the realm of possibility.

  • Cipher

    that mod is awesome, especially the grungy look

    wouldn't do it to my own though..