Photoshop isn’t exactly a "motion" app, but for me, at least, it’s a pretty essential tool. Sitepoint has a book on Photoshop that’s Web-centric but has some handy quick tips for visual design (especially since we’re often working at resolutions similar to Web projects, and building Processing assets and the like), free for download:

Photoshop Anthology download offer

You just have to provide an email address. I didn’t look too closely, so we’ll see if I now get a whole bunch of Sitepoint spam.

Of course, speaking as an author, buying books is good, too, so if you’ve finished any great reads lately related to CDMo, let us know!

  • BTW…you might know this but Photoshop CS3 Extended actually has some very nice animation/timeline/motion graphics features.
    Its quite nice to be able to drop a video clip in, transform it like you would a graphic element, and then use a video as a clipping mask over say some text or someones name. You can even run some scripts through it to create personalized videos.

  • grigori

    Photoshop works great with After Effects. They both go hand in hand. I normally whip of some layered graphics and import them into Composition in AE for motion work.