If you need an injection of samples into your new project and haven’t got any cash, here are a few ideas from the CDM inbox:

Drum machines, from Ace Tone to Yamaha: The site KB6.de has an obscenely large collection of drum sets from most of the popular drum machines over the years. They’re raw samples, and you definitely get more of an all-around package from commercial sets, but if you just want some free samples, it looks like a good place to start. Donations encouraged to cover bandwidth costs.

Free stuff from Goldbaby: CDM reader Hugo of Goldbaby sends his treasure trove of free soundware. The latest addition: an analog tape-sampled recording of the rare 1987 German Vermona DRM machine.

To celebrate the release of our new product (Tape Drum Machines Vol 1) we have created a free sample pack called: TheTapeVeronaDRM.

Contains 142 x 24 bit samples of the Vermona DRM. Recorded on an Otari MX5050 1/4 inch tape machine… plus the original drum hits without any tape love as well.

Each drum sound has also been recorded multiple times for use in Round Robin Layering. This can help recreate the analog feel of the machine.

Some really nice and unusual stuff there.

Goldbaby Free Page (download is on the top, among some other goodies)

IDM Nerds: From Munich, some strange and glitchy loops. Der Einmeier writes:

we just published a new sample-package of more than 120 mbyte containing 174 individual and unique, FREEWARE bassline-glitchnoize-loops for idm/mimimal-nerds.

mnml_blslns — 124MB of basslines
bleepbox.rar — 50 bleeping loops
more stuff described as “warez” but looks quite legal (no guarantees about whether your significant other / cat will like the noise, though)

  • Goldbaby's samples are superb, don't pass up on them.

  • Thanks for this post!

    You can never have enough drum sounds.

    Goldbaby's stuff is A++++

  • B.C. Thunderthud

    God bless Goldbaby, I think I may even buy some of their stuff one day (MPC60 Vol. 2!) but am I the only one who is bothered that they left the "medium" hat out of their Tape606 set? You know, if you select open and closed on the same beat you get a third sound?

    Otherwise the set is fantastic but I guess I'm sticking with the minidisc606 set I made before stupidly selling my 606.

  • Here is a Demo beat made using the samples from the Tape Vermona DRM.

    It was made in Guru. No Processing…




  • Tape Drum machines Vol 1 has just been awarded 10/10 in Computer Music (UK) Magazine! Issue CM129 which is on sale now….

    Tape Drum machines Vol 2 is well under way… Hoping to have it finished this month…

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