The successor to ArKaos VJ, a staple in early VJ application history, is nearly here. GrandVJ just hit public beta.

GrandVJ is a complete, from-scratch rewrite of the app, with some new features — but still a nod to the simple, one-screen interface that made the original popular. You can now download a working demo, beta build (with some watermarks on output and other limitations) for both Mac and Windows. I have to say, I like the music keyboard interface and drag-and-drop-everywhere philosophy. At the very least, this could become the beginner-friendly VJ app a lot of people have been looking for. (That is, if it’s successful, I may have an answer for the "where should I start with VJing for something simple — and I don’t have a lot of time" question I get a lot, particularly on the music side.) It’s also got some generative and Flash-playing tricks I’ll be looking into. At the same time, I think it will be worth some constructive criticism. This field is also getting crowded — and users more demanding.

Watch for a more detailed preview from us soon, but in the meantime, you can go ahead and give it a spin and let us know what you think:

ArKaos GrandVJ Public Beta 1 [ArKaos Users Forum]


ArKaos Rebuilds VJ Software From Ground Up: GrandVJ

  • Lee

    I fed CamTwist into the GrandVJ beta, eh? Everything seems to be working ok so far and .. double the fun. heh

  • massta

    Very promising. Read someone outputting in High Resolutions like 3072×768. If an app. can handle a library that large with no problems, then it's worth it in my mind.

  • Pauwl

    i made a fun random midi patch in pure data that went very pleasingly with this demo
    just using some of the color effects and 4 instances of my midi patch i got some very strange almost glitchy Sega genesis looking visuals

    looks very promising my first foray into video work
    but it makes me very excited to mess around with it more


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