My love of time-lapse meshes perfectly with my love of, well, the 5 foot carpet python I share my house with. Having a companion animal (is it politically correct to say “pet” these days?) around is great for any visual artist. More specifically, having Python around an HD, slow-motion capable video camera, well I think that’s a fantastic combination:

I am yet to create any actual “HD” material with this camera, but for web-resolution work it has been an absolute revelation. The ability to shoot a show as a single wide shot from a tripod and then pan and scan in post production means that those previously unexciting “gig documentation” tapes are now actually worth editing. Similarly, if you’re shooting hand-held HD but delivering web resolution you have huge latitude for image stabilization.

For the python dinner I had a couple of DV cameras as backup angles, and the difference in detail is frightening.

We’re all about the cheap, characterful, DIY aesthetic here at CDMo, but sometimes bigger really is better.

  • grigori

    Would he like some fries with that? 🙂
    What a Pet you got…

  • Wow,
    Thats THE most F#$%@* up clip I have seen on CDM…

    *shocked- while at the same time sees the wonderful possibilities of that footage as something powerful in a VJ set- just map the playhead slider to the bass beat along with an rgb shift of some kind via midi controllers in VDMX.. done*

    : )

  • Sorry Anomolee, I didn't intend to shock. Do you think I should put a warning up there? I thought with the the words "Python" and "Feeding" in the title, that people who weren't keen on, well, "pythons feeding" would be able to give the clip a miss 🙂

  • Nah no warning needed, I knew what I was gettinng into. Just didn't realize the magnitude. But ya know having footage that shocks or astonishes is a powerful tool for VJ's!

  • fantastic!!! i love the pan within the footage too… very good work.