LGPT, shirt optional. (Just in case you long for a tracker you can play topless.) Starpause jamming, via the LGPT site.

Our friend Marc (“M-.-n”) writes to let us know version 1.0 of music tracker (think alternative sequencer / music making tool) LittleGPTracker is here, with quite a lot in the way of new features. As always, the banner feature of LGPT is its ability to run on the open, Linux-based GamePark mobile game console, making it an ideal choice for tracking on the go. But it runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop systems, too, with features enhanced in this release. The list from Marc:

  • Sample library & import support

  • Groove support for odd time signature

  • Debian build & JACK support

  • Allows creation of project from the program itself

  • new Feedback parameters at the instrument level

  • new Looper Sync looping mode for automatic looping on the current tempo

  • Engine optimization

  • New rendering system allowing to render directly from the application

  • either the mixdown or the 8 separated tracks.

  • External joystick control on all platforms


Debian build, eh, with JACK? Have to try this on the Ubuntu Studio system I just installed. For your viewing enjoyment, here’s Patric C and M-.-n playing with 2 GP2x, each running LGPT.

  • lost…

    ok, im dumb. what is a tracker? are they controlling, or sending, or triggering midi messages via game controller?

  • its a type of sequencer that runs well on handheld devices. It can do sample based synthesis or send midi. It has completely changed my approach to both live and midi based composition.

  • i like the idea of handheld consoles for performing music, but, isn't it the same mysterious experience for the audience as the laptop performer? the typical "is he playing or checking email?" can be traded for "is he playing or is he playing?"…

  • gbsr

    then again, its way better to wonder if hes playing or playing. i think its time for me to go out and get myself a handheld soon, DS is right now particurarily exciting.

    some friends of mine are running gameboys and whatnots with their other software/hardware, and theyre basicly just hitting play, and then they dance, sometimes turning a knob or two. perhaps not the most exciting thing to look at.

  • I'm totally hooked on my Gp2x, I've had one for a few weeks only, and already almost three trax ready, made in forests, trains, beaches…