We’ll have some more on the Robotic Camera thing soon, but in the meantime, check out the Pilot View FPV 2400 kit. It’s not quite the gyro-controlled version (below), but apparently they have a pan/tilt coming soon.

As an intellectual exercise, let’s price a similar setup from aforementioned cheapie online store DealExtreme:

USB 2.4GHz Spy Camera Set: $120
iTheatre Virtual Vision Video Glasses: $149

Ok. I don’t think I should be considering this any further. VJing is an expensive enough hobby, remote control flight would be the end of me.

(via Make.)

  • Eoin Rossney

    A friend recently introduced me to Crysis – as I watched the game I realised that it signified a change; this is the game I had been wanting to play for 15 years. Things I had always hoped would be available in the future are starting to become reality, and this is one of them!

    Ok Moller (www.moller.com), you're up next…

    Freaking sweet.

  • i did a project like this about 4 months ago, but minus the really cool plane. I used a small pinhole camera and plugged it into some video glasses, the end result was me being very dizzy and lots of headaches, i cant even use those things with normal tv usage, it makes me pretty dizzy all the time, and the quality isnt quite there yet.