Ah, Motion Theory. We lover their work already. And now, in one brutal blow, they simultaneously produce:

  • A kick-ass video for Weezer.
  • A love letter to YouTube and Internet memes — watch through to the end. It gets denser.
  • An instant on-screen “How much of a geek are you?” quiz.
  • A video that should throw any band trying to capitalize on Web memes to the ground. Seriously. You won’t top this. Give up now. You’ll have to wait for the next generation of technology or something.

Thanks to our friend Robin Hunicke, who seems to be friends with / works with every visualist in greater LA. More commentary at hustler of culture, where Souris also knows tons of people and deals in tons of awesomeness. But, Souris, I’m sure someone can spot more of the memes in there and has the time to count each one. Any takers?

Motion Theory’s (ahem) motion work has already produced fantastic stuff, like their well-known example of Processing code made into art (okay, with a little C++), the Nike One campaign. (Josh Nimoy contributed — creator of JMyron / WebCamXtra.)

Prefer naked people to Web memes? Or maybe you personally enjoy streaking nude through the Icelandic woods? Sigur Ros also released a video today that should be up your alley.

Happy weekend, everyone.

  • Ok, ok, not bad. Indeed, not too shabby! The chicks with box-heds that become the poor-man's windowlicker is effective. But, let's add 50 years to the equation: will it hold up? (I know, prolly doesn't matter, since we'll all be ded or floating in waterwerld). But, if there is anything that resembles western sivilization then, will it indeed come across as anything other than a litany of memes? OR, is a catalogue of contemporary techniques the current notion of form in digital media?

    (disclaimer: end of week, plus a bit more alcohol than usual, plus, hey did I win a 3RLL thingy?)

    (and starting a new project on vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/http://www.vimeo.com/1069688

  • eeps! i are not the digital media idiot for nothing:

    whew! almost lost my last peese of kred! oops, that did it . . . .

  • Hey Sky Ron, doesn't seem that you won. You can go ahead and try the demo though.