image The free (for non-commercial use), Windows-only, insanely-powerful visual/multimedia patching environment vvvv just got a killer feature: the ability to make your own "nodes" (what are called objects in some other modular tools).

It’s actually pretty easy to build, too, and the developers have some templates for you. This is way up the list on my summer projects. You can do matrix transforms, as well, so 3D / GPU-based video processing gets very interesting, along with simpler manipulations of color, string, and number values:

The latest vvvv version offers developers an interface to write their own nodes for vvvv. A plugin is basically a .dll file, that can be drag&dropped into a vvvv patch where it appears as a node. If its stored in vvvv’s plugins directory, its even available in the node list.

vvvv gurus, if you give this a try and make something interesting, let us know:

vvvv40beta16 release with plugin interface [Results in Reverse blog]

  • Yeah. That sounds pretty cool. vvvv is great and I want to experiment more with it in the future.

    But it is not free. It is free for non-commercial use only. See their .

  • Oh. The link did not worked out as planed. Thats probably why I like graphical programming languages like vvvv. 🙂

    I just plainly copy it this time:

  • Yes, sorry, I usually say that explicitly and just forgot this time.

  • I'd add — their policy is extremely generous. I'm still waiting for a gig that lets me buy a commercial license; I think that's a good goal and I'll happily share the wealth. 🙂

  • Yes. This policy is great. Imagine companies like Adobe doing this … 😉

    I mentioned it because I would like to see that it also works out for the vvvv-developers.

  • Totally! Please, folks, if you're making money with vvvv, give back!


    Anyone know how much does a VVVV license cost, btw? I've used it for some academic work, and their commercial model was never very clear to me.

  • It's pretty clear from that page above. It's $500 (visible when you click through to the buy link). But if you're just using it for some academic work, you should be okay. Basically, what the license seems to say is, if you can afford us and you're making money on us, give us some money, which I think is very reasonable. So, basically, you keep doing those unpaid VJ gigs and research, then get the monster $10k gig and take $500 out of that! Works for me!

  • phl

    very powerful feature!

    some more links:
    sourceforge site with the first plugins (go to code -> svn browse)
    – <a href="; rel="nofollow">VVVV Plugin HowTo
    – <a href="; rel="nofollow">Plugin Forum for more questions

  • Its high on my list of summer-activities as well. Kicked it around a bit. Seems like a great GUI to Gl.