DS music fans, I can’t add much that this video doesn’t show: think portable gaming, scratching goodness.

New in this version, you can layer multiple instances of the modules to combine different "tracks" of sound — beats plus scratching, for instance.

The video makes no apologies for editing or scratching ability, so no complaints, please. It’s all in good fun.


DScratch: Warp, Scratch, and Mess with Audio on Nintendo DS

  • WOW, he did it! Multiple layers!. Now i can make some live performances with this amazing homebrew!

  • ffffff unky


  • teh_dahl

    good lord.


  • Is it working on the R4DS carts yet?

  • BassTooth


  • Waffle

    Tim, I'm using the current version (released in January I believe) on my R4DS without problems.

  • Anyone know where to get this? Does it work for R4?

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  • Waffle

    Eric, this version isn't out yet, but you can get the previous one at:


  • gorgull

    hey, new version's out:



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  • I've been having trouble getting this to work on my M3 Real. It loads but gives me errors. It's hard finding support for specific homebrew apps. Googling NDS homebrew has been getting messy. Anyone care to suggest a preferred NDS homebrew site?

  • susu

    i can not open protein Ds in R4

    Someone please help me out with this weird thing I have here,this happens everytime I try to launch ProteinDS

    [+] init inputs…

    [MIDI = L or R when loading]

    [+] init filesystem…

    [+] init audio renderer…

    [+] init audio input…

    [+] init time…

    [+] init nds motion…

    [+] start audio rendering…

    [+] start audio input…

    [+] creating main module…

    [+] creating sound recorder…

    [+] creating file browser…

    assertion "directory" failed: file "/Users/gorgull/Work/Protein/Projects/Make/NDS/arm9/../../../Sources/Base/NDS/ARM9/NDS_FileSystem.cpp",line 23

  • sclr

    i have been having problems with the r4 also. i know you have to patch it with dldi. i used dldidrop for osx.
    i have gotten nitro tracker, colors etc to work with it fine but proteinds always hangs and crashes. i will try to patch it manually see if that does anything. any info would be appreciated.

  • i have problems with this on my R4(R4-III) aswell. i have the ProteinDs folder in my root directory and when i open it i get 3 files named

    |||?|w.|Y| 134.34 MB
    |||?<. CA 112.00 MB
    ||@|tw|P.|p? 706.82 MB

    i can’t open any of these and i’ve done that patching thing too. I used “dlditool-win32-gui.zip” and “r4tf.dldi”

    Someone please help. I have the same problem with LemmingsDS.

  • you mean scratch? the programming language for the nintendo ds? hahahaha! 🙂