UK touring visualist Deepvisual (who is currently kicking around the UK with The Orb) has posted a 3-minute overview into his touring rig.

There’s a lot of great tips packed in to 3 minutes of video, so pay attention. I wish someone had told me “take some chocks along to help angle your projectors” before I wasted countless hours over the last year searching around various venues for scraps of wood.

I swear by baluns, which allow me to use readily-replacable CAT5 cable for video runs. Also an inexpensive power inverter is a great addition, to keep your laptop, mp3 player, and phone charged on those long drives between cities. I’d love to hear from other gigging visualists though: What’s your secret touring sauce?

  • This kind of handy tips are indeed unterrepresented in the net. You can find tutorials and informations for so much visual stuff but nobody tells you to bring a table to your gig. To not learn everything by doing it wrong in the first place is a nice thing. Thanks vor the video CDM and Deepvisual.

  • Good point Erik. I wasn't able to take a table with me for most of my shows, so I've had plenty of fights with venue owners over tables throughout the last year.

    I've annotated the post with some of my hard-won tips. If anyone else has nuggets they'd like to share, visualkind will thank you!

  • Hey all. I just posted two articles on my site about simplifying gigs. One is on the tightest projector to architecture interface (mount) I've ever come up with. No more using {insert-object name you used to prop that projector up at your last gig}.
    Projector Mount

    The other is how to build your own fast-fold like screen for 1/3 the Fast Fold cost…all with readily available parts. *(fits in a cab).

    Build A Portable PRO quality screen

    Let me know what you think.
    Best, cj