While we’re having a weekend of Live tutorials, here’s another one for you, this time using your iPhone / iPod touch. Now, I’m not sure I’d want to do a whole set like this, necessarily — but here’s a thought: you could use this to do some sound checks out in the house instead of stuck behind your laptop listening through monitors. I’m sure there are other applications, as well. Enjoy!

The secret ingredient this time is i3L (pronounced “eye thrill”), the MIDI bridge app from VJ superstar group artificial eyes out of Turkey. They note that Mexican audiovisual collective Nortec are also making use of i3L (for video triggering).

See our iPhone/iPod touch music tool round-up from earlier this week for other goodies to load up on your device. To me, the iPod touch is the real bargain here; it’s going for under US$300, with used/refurb models going for a bit less — especially given you don’t need a mobile phone contract. Now if only there were a hard drive model…

  • Please stop posting iphone/ipod touch tutorials 😐

    I'm making a great effort waiting for the next generation iphone (hopefully with gps, better camera, g3, space, etc) and each time I saw this kind of info I have to hit my fingers with a hammer to avoid start running to the mac store 😀

    I'm very excited to test the 8×8 controller with application feedback (like monome 64) and see the possibilities.

    C ya

  • Well, if it helps, I still don't like the feeling of touchscreens when compared to hardware. Hardware gives you more control, more precision, more feedback, and is generally more fun. And if part of the aim is getting away from the computer screen, going to another form of computer screen isn't really a solution. But it does present some fascinating possibilities, nonetheless.

    3G is important. At the very least, wait. I still have a Blackberry: it works as a modem so I'm never reliant on wifi (in the US, anyway), I have "worldphone" capability (it's unlocked by default for SIM cards), I have a physical keyboard which is easier to type on, and the 3G is in fact much faster. And it has great GPS. And it was a lot cheaper. Just sayin'. If I were to get one of these, it'd definitely by the iPod touch, so my "waiting for" item would in fact be a 60G HD model. 😉

  • Andrew E.


    very nice indeed.

  • where or what server are these apps listed on ?

    I wouldnt mind trying this one out, but i have to admit after "jailbreaking" my itouch to see what the fuss was about, i was underwhlemed with the experience.

    most the apps were pointless or had on static functionality (like the netlix app, you could brwose your que only.. no sending movies to the top!), and many kept crashing. I also found it was next to impossible to use the game emulators with the touch screen.

  • gbsr

    so with the use of a translator and the live api you could get a completely remote touchscreen controller with feedback data (ie clip info, start/stop positions and whatnots) from live then 🙂

    its like a lemur only smaller and with more bugs hah.

  • First off, this is pretty damn slick.

    Secondly, as an owner of an iPhone I think some of the gripes regarding the iPhone as a phone and as an interface tool are valid, but I would consider them far less of a bother than stated by Chris and Peter.

    Thirdly, I've probably stated this on here before, but I'd like to restate it just in case any iPhone developers are listening: What I would love to see and I think would be a really great app would be a DJ app turning the iPhone/iTouch into a single "turntable". Put pitch shifting and some sort of touch screen-turntable like queuing on it, and you have 8-32 GB of songs ready to be plugged into a mixer for use in DJing.

    I don't think it makes sense to try and cram the controls for a mixer and two turntables into one tiny device like the pacemaker. Standing in front of a crowd holding a phone doesn't exactly convey a lot of energy, but put two iPhones/iTouches on top of the turntable and use the mixer and nobody would even know the difference.

  • Hmm…I don't know how long I can hold out on an Ipod touch. And then there is always the DS, tho that doesn't have multi touch. The iPhone is out of the question tho, i'll never sell my soul to AT&T for a pretty touch screen. We shall have to see…

    New gear/music blog

  • I emailed the guys at artificial eyes a few months back asking if they could add some sort of midi note support, cuz thats what we need. I was able to get a (sorta) work around in Reason 4 by setting the pads to trigger the play function on the redrum, but its nowhere near the wireless Trigger Finger like app that I would love to see once the 2.0 firmware with the app store goes live.

  • EJ

    …yeah, you'd have to pray that nobody called you mid-set!

    I'm sticking with the vanilla, un-jailbroken iPhone setup for now, but I hope to find this in the App store when it launches. I'm also interested to see if someone will code up a useable Pacemaker-like DJ app (i.e. allowing us to mix two or more audio streams right from the iPhone), which seems possible considering the surprising power the iPhone's shown in the game demoes… could we be close to the pocketsize DJ rig?

  • db

    wow, what a pack of whiners. lets takl about what we just saw for a sec shall we. just tried it out (w/o going into live coz i don't have it and it was amazing. felt bloody fantastic! i'm going to try it with logic now…

  • @db: I think you're mistaking *rationalizing* for whining. (must … avoid … buying … extra … electronics!)

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  • this is pretty sick, Id love to use this app to accent my live show, (not completly take over, but more of another effect controller) but unfortunatly my laptop is PC, not mac, it should be cross platform, make it bluetooth or something if you have to 🙁

  • robman84

    Seriously need a PC version of i3L to make use of my shiny new iPod touch!

  • hey

    whats the name of th samurai track?

    who is the artist?



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  • Brian

    Can anyone help me out with this. I followed the tutorial on youtube and it wont work. my problem is when i click on akaremote on my iphone 2.0.2, it opens to the blue water screen then exits out back to the springboard screen. Is something not set up right?