CDMo reader and 3L winner Memo has posted this rather lovely video.

Interactive Processing version here. Memo says:

This demo was done in Processing 0135 BETA (using Java) but I think I’m going to redo it in C++ with OpenFrameworks for performance reasons. While processing is brilliant for knocking up quick demos and getting off the ground quite quickly, for this project I need as much performance as possible. I.e. the app needs to run across 4 projectors (3000-4000 pixels wide) with loads more features!

So in short I’m halting the development of the Processing / Java version now and thought I’d post where I got to with it…

  • seltar

    really nice!

  • nobbystylus

    memo strikes again.. he's doing some sterling work on Quartz Composer also..

    I'd love to see this in a big multitouch screen or even on an iphone with video outs..

    hmm… processing for an iphone..

  • Check out Daniel Shiffman's screen stitching once you're ready to go big.