I’m sure this is one of those tools which almost everyone knows about, but it’s useful enough that I’d post it if only a single person benefited: Perian is a component for which adds native Quicktime support for, notably, FLV (and a bunch of other formats nobody really cares about).

This means you can play those downloaded FLV files in VDMX, 3L… any software which uses the Quicktime framework for playing video (feel free to chime in with the ones I’ve missed). So now you can youtube VJ in your favorite software.

  • for youtube, you can download the videos as higher quality mp4 files: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008/04/download

    grab "ways of seeing" by john berger while you're there.


  • J.

    I was a big fan of Perian until I noticed that all of my large H.264 HD movies were dropping tons of frames. While Perian is great for supporting lots of formats and codecs, it also overrides QuickTime's native H.264 support with its own that doesn't have GPU acceleration or multi-processor support. So Perian had to go.

  • Ist hier viel erledigte Arbeit, offensichtlich. Guter Aufstellungsort !~