Mac switchers from Windows, you know why this one matters. Bome MIDI Translator is one of Windows’ most essential utilities, with powerful tools for converting MIDI messages and keystrokes. I know folks (like the awesomely-talented beatboxer Kid Beyond) who sorely missed the tool after switching to the Mac. Happily, it’s on its way. The beta requires an invite, and expires in July, and some important features are missing in this build. But there’s no question this is good news for Mac users:
MIDI Translator on Mac OS X

Be sure to post bug reports and forum posts over there, but we’re curious to know how it works here, as well. (Now, Linux, Bome?)

  • Wasn't there a way to that on Mac already? There's a guy on the Ableton forums named ThePhatConductor that released a set of templates + software that mapped MIDI to keystrokes (unless Live always had assignments for moving the cursor sideways, which I doubt).

    Check out his work here:

  • Sure, there have to be other ways of doing it — there's nothing especially magical about taking MIDI input and outputting keystrokes. I don't know offhand of a solution that's as easy to work with as Bome. Anyone used other tools?

  • amoeba

    yikes… i've heard amazing things about bome's, but is the Win version java too?

  • Before we start doing the whole "afraid of Java" thing, you should know that Florian Bomers was an author of JavaSound. I think he knows his way around Java. Don't knock it until you've tried it. Odds are, if you *noticed* an app was Java, the fault may be a badly-developed app. (I.e., if it were done right, you wouldn't have noticed.) That's an oversimplification — there are some real issues in Java that continue to be addressed, as with any framework. But if Java is a four-letter word, some developers are to blame.

    Sorry to speak for you, Florian, but … that's been my experience. 🙂

  • I'm pretty sure Bome's MIDI Translator on Windows is not Java. It's a rather small standalone application and definitely doesn't use the Java runtime.

  • amoeba

    sorry – i won't knock it til i try it. it's just that the moment it launched i threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    i am looking forward to trying it out – i've had to use two little apps to accomplish what i hear bome's can do on it's own. and good to hear the news about Florian's java history. thanks for that update.

  • amoeba

    from what a gather in a thread on bome's forum, this has been a long time in the making (9/05 – many false starts and many dev-shufflings). also sounded like this version (mac/java), once out of beta, will get turned around and become the *win* version as well (and of course *nix). i guess that makes sense (the original promise of java, no?), but i've never held much praise for java. it has it's place(s) for sure, but i dunno about audio. of course, processing is a great counterpoint.

    anyway, still haven't had a chance to play with it yet. two big shows this week, then some downtime to play with new things.

    here's the forum thread i referred to:

    ps: the throwup comment earlier was about the general java-ish UI, and the initial horror i get (from past java app/let experiences). pps: yes, i know macs haven't been the greatest place for java runtimes to live…

  • gbsr

    just wanted to say that this is great news for you mac people. i couldnt live without bomes.

    its dead easy to use, and once set up you nearly forget its there (ie completely transparent, and virtually no resource hogging), until its not there. youd feel like you just lost an arm 😉

    the only thing i can really feel that im missing with it is the ability to take multiple midi inputs, and send them out on the same virtual cable.

    congratulations mac people.

  • Matthew

    This is pretty good but is it possible to assign an incoming trigger to do sequential outgoing events. This sums up what I want to do:



    Delete Keystroke

    MIDI Note On

    I want to do this to perform overdubs in Ableton, it seems like such simple functionality that could easily be built in and would solve my problem!