The embarrassment of riches that is music software for the Nintendo DS continues to grow. Alongside the homebrew entries, DS developer AQ Interactive has the one officially-distributed DS soft synth, a loving emulation of vintage Korg goodness in DS form. We’ve gotten word that the DS-10 makes its public debut this Saturday in London, as part of the London International Music Show (LIMS):

"KORG DS-10 night in London"
Date: Saturday, 14th June, 2008
Time: 22:30-26:00
Location: LIFE, 2-4 Old Street London EC1V 9AA
tel: 020 7250 3737 (
Admission is FREE!
We will have fine entertainment at the event, featuring smooth vibes from cool DJs and a special appearance by the producer of the DS-10, sanodg.  He will not be at LIMS but will be only at our event, so do not miss this only chance to see his performance with the DS-10!
Come one, come all and shuffle on down, and please receive a free drink by letting the reception know that you’ve received this invitation at the door!

I’m supremely jealous (London gets to have all the fun these days), so if anyone would like to cover the event for CDM so the rest of the world can enjoy, please get in touch! No word yet on whether you can trade your free drink ticket for a “free DS-10 cartridge ticket.” Guessing not, unfortunately.

Still no more word on pricing/availability for the rest of us on the DS-10, but I expect this means we’ll be hearing more soon. When I hear from AQ, you’ll hear from me.

  • With all the events you keep flagging up stateside isn't it about time us Londoners had some fun? – I'll be at LIMS on Friday and Sunday on the Music Tech stand if any CDM'ers want to come say hi. I might try and make it to this DS-10 event too, but I'll have to see if I can spare the time.

    In other London-based news; the Dana Centre (part of the Science Museum) is currently in the middle of hosting a series of event on music that will be of interest to CDM, titled Fine Tuning (
    I was at the Sorted Sounds event last week and had a lot of fun. I'll be heading to the Virtuoso Stress one next week to if anyone wants to say hi.


  • Fair enough! I mean all the launch events in London (Tenori-On, DS-10, etc.). But yeah, we do get an unfair amount of fun here in NYC/on the east coast. CDM events tend to be wherever I am, so if I can get over to London… 😉

    Do let us know what happens at all of these; sounds great! And London is, incidentally, roughly tied with NYC as our #1 reader city according to Google Analytics.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Oooo, the fact that they can synch up wirelessly is really hot. Now I'm tempted to pick up 2 copies since I own an older DS Phat and a new DS Lite.

  • Anthony Bowyer-Lowe

    Hrm, I may attend this and – if you're lucky, Peter – take a few notes and pictures.

  • I am excited about the DS-10 but I have to admit I've yet to hear anything come out of it that really interests me. Its a semi modular synth for god sake, lets hear it doing something other than banging electronic tracks!!! All those modulation options need to get some attention.

  • NTH

    i second simon's comment.

    It looks very cool but every demos i saw about this little thing are just bullshit.

    hope to see some good demos of the ds-10 soon. arr

  • Downpressor

    I've had it pre-ordered. Definitely looking forward to its arrival

  • Psykohed

    I agree with simon. Just because you can do somehting doesn't mean you should. Is this really useful? I doubt it.

  • Public debut? I could've sworn I saw it in Frankfurt…?

  • lematt

    i'm more convinced by glitchDS or DScratch

  • @Psykohed: To whatever extent electronic musical instruments are ever "useful," I'd say this is, for a specific audience — that is, people who want a soft synth they can play with on the road. glitchDS and DScratch are likewise very cool. I'm personally impressed that we have a selection of software *for the DS*.

  • @psykohed: I think simon indicated that there was more under the hood than we are seeing in these overly corporate demos.

    Really useful? Heck yes. That's right, I said heck! And yes, I want to see that modular nature shine through some more… otherwise it's just fluff.

  • If anyone goes to the launch party, could you ask the programmers if they'd document the protocol used to sync up multiple Korg DS-10s? It would be useful for other homebrew projects. Maybe we can use it as a standard for synchronization? 🙂

  • Jersey Jim

    Blah, Blah, Blah…everyone disses this thing but isn't it kind of cool that its an official release and not a home brew? I find it kind of refreshing that something this offbeat is available for the DS and will be available from a store and not some geeks basement (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  • Psykohed

    Peter Kirn- I have something to make music with when I'm the road. It's called a… Macbook! What else do you need? I don't understand why anyone would need (or want) something smaller with the processing power of a Mac Classic. It's mindless…

  • Joseph

    Downpressor – Where did you pre-order it from?

  • drohnwerks

    ^ yes, where can you pre-order it from?

  • Downpressor

    Mine arrived today, its very fun for the price.

  • hi all..

    i started a Live Journal group for the DS10, i put up 5 preliminary outtakes done on it:

    feel free to join and post your tracks too

  • fueriose

    Psykohed, handheld gear is perfect for when you

    are on the move.. Riding in a car, on a subway,

    walking? Something you can work on discretely and

    close the lid, drop it in your pocket in 2 seconds

    if the situation calls for that. How many people

    get mugged for their macbooks? bwahaha.

    Devices like the DS and iPhone are going to change

    the way music is produced and performed forever.