Here’s a lovely piece of animation and motion design (oh, and talking, if you’re in to that kind of thing):

Here’s a wonderful film we sneaked in at the end of BUG 07 that I think withstood the crappy sound. It’s called ‘I Met The Walrus’ and although it isn’t strictly a music video it features the words of John Lennon and it’s amazing so we hoped no-one would object to us including it. The story behind it is that in 1969 when John and Yoko were in Toronto as part of their bed-in for peace tour, a 14 year old Beatles fan with a tape recorder called Jerry Levitan knocked on every door of the hotel where he knew Lennon was staying until he found him at which point Lennon was good enough to give him a 40 minute interview. The tape of the interview gathered dust for around 35 years until Jerry Levitan met a young animator called Josh Raskin whose work impressed him sufficiently for him to allow Josh to make a film to accompany an edited section of this Lennon tape. The result was nominated for an Oscar this year but remarkably few people seen it. Enjoy.

Not mentioned is the illustrator, James Braithwaite.

Via Adam Buxton. Londonish CDM readers, you should check out Adam’s music video night series, Bug, because I can’t.

  • Alex Kurina also did illustrations for this piece.

    Watch a conversation between Josh Raskin and Gmunk here: video

  • Cort3x

    I like the "Profound Whatever" in big, fancy letters. A very nice piece all in all.

  • nobbystylus

    nice to know Adam Buxton is a CDM nerd… !!

  • mike

    Adam if you're reading this, hope you and joe are back on 6 music on sat. your replacements were poo. Bug is great entertainment and good for inspiration, keep up the good work.

  • @Rick: Thanks for the updates. It's a beautiful piece of work. Good to hear more information about it.

    @nobbystylus & mike: Adam didn't send this in, I read his site. Doesn't mean he's not a CDM nerd, but he hasn't told us about it 🙂