CDMotion contributor vade sends word of some experiments he’s been doing with inter-application video sharing. The basic idea: start with live imagery in one place (like a Processing sketch, for instance), and feed those visuals into another app for adding effects, mixing, and output (like VDMX). Naturally, you’d want to do this without a performance tax.

vade’s solution – Mac-only – uses live visual capture to send the output of one tool to another, all on the GPU. Performance looks great, but the big problem is that the window has to stay in the front. Still, I can already imagine uses for this.

Source-ry []

That’s just one approach, though. Could we eventually even have a full-blown inter-application visual routing solution, one that might work between apps, platforms, or computers? I can imagine a few approaches that might work, though performance is always the challenge.

  • I think I can remember something like this before – windows only though. I think it was called patchbox.

  • Indeed, you are correct, sir.

    FreeFrame-based, for patching between computers. (Both applications are interesting to me; i.e., inter-app single-computer and inter-app multiple computer.)

  • I posted a query to the Cycling 74 messageboard last year or the year before asking if something like this existed…

    and the only responses I got were, "It won't work" and "why would you want to do that?"

    thank you Vade, this is a cool.

  • 🙂 No worries. I kind of look at this as a temporary, but working solution. its not ideal, but it will suffice.

    Im going to include the source, and have already seeded it to Cycling and 3rd party developers so you *may* see this, or a similar solution in other apps,libraries,development frameworks other than Quartz Composer.

    Note, also, that you can use multiple instances, which can be fun as well… Once i hear back that it has not eaten anyones children, ill release it 🙂

  • Awesome! Ive been waiting for a way to bring processing/max-msp apps into VDMX.
    please release it immediately the childrens parents will get over it. : )

  • While writing about patchbox I forgot to say how awesome this is and to ask a question: Does this work over network as well? That would indeed be cool.

  • yeah patchbox works over network. fugstreamsend or something. bigfug wrote patchbox. i find it a bit slow but then i haven't got any cat6 cables… when you send over network it uses resources to convert those bytes away from the gpu
    as for something on the same computer, i've wanted something like this for years. it would be nice if it worked like virtual midi cables, so resolume could for instance specify virtual display #1 and you could use it as a live video input in modul8 or whatever.

  • But isn't patchbox WINDOWS only? I would need something MAC…

  • Hi, Just an update. Ive released the plugin and the source over at