Peter sums up this piece much better than I can:

this person is
better than us 😀
when the revolution comes
and the whole world goes mad max
we’ll be dead
and this person will be hacking the computers to fight the robot army

kindercrasher from Inigo Quilez on Vimeo.

From Inigo:

This is my contribution to the realtime 4 kilobytes visuals (usually known as “4k intro”) competition for Inspire 2008 (held in Spain). It is a set of spheres with radious controlled by the Fourier Transform (without the “fast”) of the music. it contains some realtime ambient occlusion and depth of field. It’s done in C, using shaders (GLSL). Once again, it all fits in a 4 kilobytes executable (music, animation, rendering engine and effects).

Amazing stuff. Check out more information on various deep code and 3D issues at Inigo’s Website, and the rest of his videos on Vimeo. Surprisingly, this won the 4K section of Inspire 2008.

  • This kind of stuff both inspires me, and makes me really really depressed. Ha.

    Well done!

  • Wow…really well done. The movement of this piece is perfect.

  • osch

    Wow.. I mena.. WOW!

    save a frame from that intro and it will be bigger then 4k 🙂

  • holy *****************************. yeah vade. I kind of want to just lay down and be eviscerated now. or maybe start learning c.

  • riseKevin

    Wow that's hot. I agree with vade…definitely inspiring, and dissapointing that I've got no clue how that was done 🙂

  • link
  • DeluDe

    by code i dont know, but with C4D and mograph, could have been easly done with multiple groups of spheres and sound effectors and to top it all off, a metaball. nontheless the idea is great and both comp and camera movement deserve a standing ovation