It was inevitable: eventually, someone would figure out that mobile computer musicians wanted to be able to have a slim-line controller (particularly for MIDI keyboards) that was tiny enough to fit anywhere and take anywhere. I actually heard a rumor at one point that someone would be M-Audio, but Korg has beaten them to the punch. Our friend Ben Rogerson of (from Future, the Computer Music and Future Music folks) is at the London International Music Show and sends along the scoop:

Korg nanoSeries puts laptop users in control []

Info at the Korg Japan Page (and yeah, I’m sure these will be huge – or, erm, tiny – in Japan!)

There are three different controllers in the line:

  • nanoKEY: 25 keys, transmitting either as MIDI notes or (via a separate mode) Control Change (CC)  messages. Octave shift (natch). Pitch, modulation. And it’s supposed to be velocity-sensitive, too, although we’ll have to get our hands on one to see how sensitive it is.
  • nanoPAD: 12 pads, supposedly inheriting the terrific sensitivity and feel of the padKONTROL, which is pretty much the favorite pad controller round these parts. Chord Trigger. Control Change mode (as with nanoKEY). There’s even an X/Y touch pad with roll and flam mode, favorite features of the padKONTROL.
  • nanoKONTROL: 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 switches, transport controls. (No, really.) MIDI notes, 168 CC messages. There are even attack and decay times for the switches, allowing them to work as faders, filter controls, effects settings, and the like – something I’d love to see on other (full-sized) controllers.

Additional features are available using the free KONTROL Editor software: on the nanoKEY, you get velocity curves / fixed velocity and assignment editing, and the nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL support scene editing (four of them) in addition to other assignment editing choices. There’s also a download code for the M1Le, the “light” edition of the Legacy Collection Digital Edition, for any M1 fans out there.

They aren’t terribly pretty (the nanoKEY buttons look like they were lifted off a vintage DEC microcomputer), and it’s hard to tell what the feel of that keyboard will be like, but these are indeed promising for tight spots.

Bus-powered, USB. I wonder if, using a hub, you could easily plug in two or three?

Now the bad news: we know neither when these will be available, nor for how much. Let the waiting begin.

The closest thing we’ve seen to this is the Kenton Killamix Mini, a pricey but nicely-built slim-line knob box. (MusicRadar has a review.) And, on the cheaper side, there’s also the cute Novation $99 Novation Nocturn CDM saw at NAMM, which could very well complement one of these. But the really tiny MIDI keyboard has generally been elusive, making this very interesting indeed – not to mention, any of these could sit atop a full-size MIDI keyboard if you’d rather roll that way.

I think fans of the microscopic will find a way to connect these to ultra-mobile PCs or hack iPhones or Nintendo DSes. Any takers?

  • ack usb only???

  • cubestar

    Too bad the pad only has 12, this was Korg's chance to make a more intelligent PK.

    Owell, maybe a PK Pro with 8+ automap LCD endless rotaries, intelligent pad operations, and less wasted space will come along?

  • I think a 5-pin DIN literally won't fit given how slim these things are. The jack itself would be too big, and you need some clearance around it.

    As for the pads, if you want more pad triggers, you should consider the full-sized padKONTROL. In fairness, that's 16 … if you want 32+, well, then you're getting into Monome territory, aren't you? But at least it has some scene capability, and I think the X/Y pad is worth the space. Can't please everyone, obviously.

  • They could come with an USB hub built-in, or maybe some kind of coupling to stack them and make them work as a single unit.

    Speaking of USB, I never understood why it's almost impossible to find a device that allows daisy-chaining. It's part of the USB specs and would make everyone's lives simpler. If I remember correctly, each USB bus can handle up to 127 devices, but it's impossible to even think about that without additional ports on the devices.

  • very cool!

    perfect for tight spaces in the booth…

    like that they are separate – mix and match!

  • dumafuji

    the nanokey looks great. i have a little casio toy that size that would make a perfect controller on the road. woot.

  • M-.-n

    There's a price range here:,%

    Don't know how reliable that is 🙂

  • That's an absolutely perfect size.. booths are often cramped, and most people have no need to bang out a crazy jazz piano solo or anything anyway. Wants!

  • That's perfect, I need one like yesterday

  • This week's official press release from Korg says availability and price are TBD. Given the US currency, it's hard to even convert this direction, anyway! But I wouldn't be surprised if they're somewhere in that price range. I can't imagine they'll be very pricey. I also, frankly, can't imagine not buying at least one, because there's not really any competition in a size this small. 🙂

    @Liz: I take that as a personal challenge to bang out a crazy jazz piano solo for you at your party later this month. 🙂

    Heck, maybe I should go even further and try to bang it out using the QWERTY keyboard on my laptop.

  • 4lefts

    "the nanoKEY buttons look like they were lifted off a vintage DEC microcomputer"

    yes. yes, it does. and that makes it beautiful. vic20 chic. woot. i want one for scaring people by bashing my forehead into on trains.

  • @4lefts: hey, you notice I never said pretty was GOOD. They are awesomely VIC20 chic. 😉

  • dead_red_eyes

    I pretty much have all this covered with my padKONTROL and my KONTROLl49, but I must say … these all look great. And I bet they'll be priced cheaply, as there's no lcd displays, and they look pretty simple. All of these look great, and I agree with 4lefts, I love the those buttons on the nanoKEY. VIC20 chic indeed!

  • z

    How cool!

    I think the nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL would work perfectly as a mobile addition to my setup.

  • lekvar

    If the prices that <a>M-.-n found are accurate I'll likely be getting one of each. Unless there's some catch that I'm not seeing these are exactly what I've been needing.

  • jay

    whats up with 12 and 9? dont they know the magic number is 16?

  • omg just found my new midi controller! When/where can I buy one?!?

  • buzz

    16 as in the 16 media slots in the modul8 media set window? :p Of course.

  • dan s.

    Yeah… If I can't find a novation bass station (keyboard version) before october I'm definitely gonna grab one of these

  • the_woof

    that nanokontrol will be a nice addition to my padkontrol… and like, ohmygosh, those tiny sliders are sooo cute. the nanokey looks nice, but i have an m-audio o2, which makes it tough to justify. plus i'm making ableton midi effects a la nativekontrol, which may phase out the keyboard, i hope.

  • IwantoneIwantoneIwantone! I want all of them! What time's the next train to London?

  • jason_md2020

    Check closely on the nanoKontrol. There's a scene button and four LEDs. 4 scenes x 36 knobs/sliders/buttons = 144 available controls.

    Lot o' tweekage for a little box. Want now.

  • Heart Pound

    Holy balls, I want.

  • ERF

    Finally, the VL-TONE midi controller I've been waiting for. X-D

    I actually love the mini keys on my microKONTROL but this is probably because I learned how to play keyboard on a PSS-170.

  • JonYo

    You know someone's gonna strap one of these to their forearm and hook it to a wireless USB device to rock out untethered, ala Kraftwerk 1980-ish. "I'm the the operator with my pocket calculator!" Boink bap! doodooliddledoo"

  • JonYo

    PS – Maybe that someone will be me!

  • bliss

    I like the keys on the nanoKey! They make those of us who are not exactly old-timers feel younger. If you look at them the right way, it taps into a sentimental sweet spot.

  • This looks f'n brilliant. I almost wish I didn't have a padKontrol so I could justify a nanoPad isntead.

    No, you can't have my padKontrol… get away!

    Depending on the feel of the nanoKey though I may have to pick one of those up.

  • lekvar

    These are just begging for a matching, nano-sized 2-tired rack.

  • bliss

    It's pretty clear that Korg knows how to stay in business. That's a good thing for us all. They make nice things.

  • wow


    i second the wants

    I'll take two of the three


    anyone want to buy my m-audio trigger finger?

  • @jonyo…


    that person will most certainly be me.

    unless i can get one permanently grafted to my forearm…

    in which case

    yay for assimilation

  • bliss


    Computer World made a huge impression on me back then. I still listen to it and it continually amazes me. Numbers used to be my favorite track from that album, mainly because it was the first Kraftwerk song I'd ever heard. But that's changed, my favorite track now is the dark It's More Fun to Compute. Sinister and satisfying, it is such a mental tune.

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  • tobamai

    I dig these, I'd kind of like to see the fader one with longer faders and a seperate knob box that just had all knobs or encoders and more of them.

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  • Anyone else that thinks that USB connections are somewhat flimsy? I have several MIDI controllers, mostly M-Audio, and while I love how easy they connect to my laptop, I always get annoyed by those USB plugs sticking out.

    First, I am always afraid that at some point, a plug will just break off, most likely damaging the socket because of somebody tripping over a cable or some other unplanned action.

    And, additionally, it completely ruins the form factor of all these devices that when unplugged are neat and rectangular, yet you can't just put them all next to each other because of the plugs sticking out.

    Remember how some telephones have their cables come out on the bottom where you can route them to two or three sides in grooves in the chassis, so you can decide whether to have the cable stick out on the back or the side? I'd love to see that on MIDI controllers.

    Finally, USB is not a good connector when you're on stage or somehow in a crammed and/or dark place. Something like 4pin Mini-XLR would be nice.

  • @philip: I've never had the B side of a plug cause problems on USB, though I have had a poorly made A plug break. Then again, out of all the USB jacks I've used, I'd say I've been pretty lucky.

    4pin mini-XLR would be fantastic. But what would you plug into? Unless you're building your own interfaces, in which case I doubt this sucker is for you!

  • Steviant

    It'll be interesting to see whether the drivers will support multiple instances (is that the right term?) of the same device, possibly chaining together two of the nanoKONTROLs together to give you more faders, etc.

    Either way, I am buying ALL of these, if the pricing turns out to be similar to what Digital Village are claiming.

  • fiz

    It's 1981 all over again. Almost hits too close to home for me…as I was 13 and stealing Doritos from 7-11 while wearing t-shirts and using appliances that all looked identical to these super-mini's. Ouch.

  • We now know that Reducto is working for Korg! Back Off! I'll Make You Travel Size!

    Now if they could only shrink the kids…


    that fits in my bookbag and i've had it since like 2002

  • This is very very awesome. But yeah, I am with the people wanting a 16-pad version… but that would undermine sales of the padKontrol too much, I guess?

    I took the liberty of making a mock-up of 4 nano-Pads side by side… omg, *sells padKontrol*

    This is so bad-ass. You'd actually be able to fit 4 or 5 vertical units inside a 19" rack

  • Psykohed

    Finally! I'll be selling the oxygen 8 as soon as it arrives. But why the UGLY blue color!!!!!! They could of made it look a more next generation instead of a friggin toy!

  • hey they took the microkontrol apart!

  • samu

    I'm really enjoying the fact that these are getting such a positive reaction. It's got to be healthy that we can get excited by things like this, as well as the 256s, Linndrums, Tenori-ons and so on.

    I'll take a couple of nanoPads, at least.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Nice mockup there wetterberg. I have to agree with Peter on the whole 16 pad thing, if you want those many pads you should honestly get the padKONTROL, it's a great device.

  • velocipede


    I want a keyboard that I can strap to my forearm and play while I am jogging. I'd connect it to an iPod Touch for sounds and hang one of those Korg battery-powered amps off my as-fast-as-it-can-kick and serenade the entire neighborhood.

    What is the sound of one hand rocking?

  • gbsr

    well, the nanopad would be a great addition for me, but really. thats one damn small fader, try doing small tweaks with that. useless.

  • Speaking as the guy who designed the Kenton Killamix Mini, I'm glad to see others following my lead! Sorry, couldn't resist…these Korgs look very cool tho!

  • bliss

    I've just realized what these things remind me of — ice cream sandwiches! Ice cream sandwiches that are still in the wrapper. So, I guess they really are cool.

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  • somosanto

    shame that theyre not endless knobs

    love the design aspects

    clean – universal looking

  • cosmonaut

    im really excited about these as it's been challenging to find that many features packed into something that size.

    although i am worried about the build quality. if i were to purchase these, i wouldnt want them to feel like the plastic wrist wrests the come with some PCs.

  • NeedleNoise

    would be cooler if the keyboard was 4 octaves but you could fold it in half for storage and transport…..

    keys look cheesy though….

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  • I want to see USB chaining on these!

  • Jersey Jim

    Man, I already have this covered by (insert much larger midi controller). Shut up. 🙂 These are different and necessary for those who really want a portable, easy to carry in one bag with other stuff, solution.

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  • GuidedByVoip

    I don't really need a controlpad, but that slim fader control looks perfect (and perhaps more importantly, inexpensive).

  • ernesto (costa rica)

    I'm lovin' them. the perfect fit.

  • lemme put it this way: the form factor on these make me want to sell my padkontrol. STAT. I want four of these instead, aaaall layed out nice and proper-like

  • cobalt

    The nanoKey could be, like the Piltdown man (except that was a hoax) the missing link that would get me to do more music related activities on my notebook. I mean like bread and butter transcription, arrangements, etc.

    I'm guessing hooking up a string of them will require a powered USB hub. I wonder what the power requirements are.

  • @mindlobster

    there is no shame in taking credit for the design of the killamixmini…

    but i'd think twice about taking credit for the name or the price tag. those are the two least cool things about that little box.

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  • Damon

    BRILLIANT! Definitely a step in the right direction.

  • yup, gotta jump on the wagon with this one – want. want.

    often looked for similarly sized controllers, convinced there must be many out there – eventually tried converting toy-synths

  • When I read:

    "nanoPAD: 12 pads, supposedly inheriting the terrific sensitivity and feel of the padKONTROL, which is pretty much the favorite pad controller round these parts. Chord Trigger. Control Change mode (as with nanoKEY). There’s even an X/Y touch pad with roll and flam mode, favorite features of the padKONTROL.

    nanoKONTROL: 9 faders, 9 knobs, 18 switches, transport controls. (No, really.) MIDI notes, 168 CC messages. There are even attack and decay times for the switches, allowing them to work as faders, filter controls, effects settings, and the like – something I’d love to see on other (full-sized) controllers."

    I almost couldn't believe it. The attack/decay switching!!! Plus portable drum pads with the x-y roll/flam… a hardware company finally gets it.

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  • tb

    @ peter, many many company uses breakout cables for midi in out (yamaha soundcards, redsound nanoloop) so they could have done it easyly (adn it would had become a really impulse buy had it had this)

  • gbsr

    actually, that attack decay on the switches is pretty damn nice yeh. im gonna get 4 nanopad and line them up monome style and then i might aswell get the nanokontrol and play on top there, hook them up to an usb box with its own psu and put them in a box. even though i could have gone with more knobs and less faders, because i really dislike the idea of having a fader that short 😉

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  • Dub

    I thought it was a <a title="WIKI Casio VL-1" href="; rel="nofollow">Casio VL Tone, for a minute.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Tom (from Music Thing) just got back from the London International Music Show, and has some info on the pricing!

    NanoKey = £49

    NanoKontrol = £59

    NanoPad = £59

    I knew they'd be cheap, just because they're … well … cheap looking. Haha.

  • man too bad those things don't have midi out. that nanokey looks sick. i'd like to plug it into a mpc1000

  • JG

    This would be a great addition to my current set up: Samsung Q1 UMPC running Live/Reason, Tascam US122, Yamaha QY70, Oxygen 8, Roland JC55 amp. All fits into two small bags, but with these babies it might all squeeze into one…

  • rtaljun

    philip: You are worried about your M-Audio controller's USB connectors breaking off. You should be. I am out of a midi controller because my keyboard fell off a table onto the USB cable and it jammed into the keyboard. My friend had something similar happen. You would be surprised at how little force it takes to break an M-Audio keyboard's USB port.

  • Sophia

    well, I think the Pad is adorable and very practical (I can't handle much more tabletop gear) and reminds me of some of the digital roland x0x drum machine faces. and the Kontrol looks fabulous. I mean, for cheap plastic boxes that work at home in a cramped space where things stay clean, not for touring in a van. but yeah, i've had a Midiman velocity-free keyboard about the size of an sk-1 for 10 years or so, and i'm not expecting much from the nanoKEY. but, i'm glad to see something new in that class – compact keyboard controllers, like the one novation made before the bassstation, with the space for a yamaha qy22(?). i just wish someone with a sense of aesthetics would make a snazzier one. i think i'll start a radical cosmetic surgery plan for my Midiman now.

  • Sophia

    also – about:

    A) Daisy-chaining: It Would Be Nice, but in our days when all consumer music gear and computer peripherals are made from the exact same cheap plastic, ranging in color from light gray to silver to charcoal to blueish-charcoal, built with surface-mount components in China, a "USB Thru" port is just not a perk they'll be able to justify in sales. I've seen them on PC keyboards – and doesn't an iMac keyboard daisy-chain for the mouse?

    B) Hubs: If you're using a powered hub, I wouldn't expect to run into problems unless you're using some devices on USB better suited to Firewire – like harddrives and audio. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 is 480Mbps, MIDI is 31.25 kbps. QWERTY keyboards and mouses aren't likely to consume much more bandwidth. I'm really out of my league tech-wise here so I could be wrong, but these have been my logical deductions and I haven't had problems. I use a 15" cable to a cheap powered hub in my studio room and it handles qwerty keys, mouse, controller keyboard, and rotating misc stuff without issue. I certainly don't have the MIDI lags I did with standard DIN MIDI daisy chains, or sometimes even inputing MIDI to the PC-Joystick converter from one device. Passive hubs I think would cower.

  • Hey Marc, Killamix name and price tag? Not my decisions. I usually simply refer to it as the KMX.

  • I guess I'm just being a downer again. Peter, you always seem to get excited about products that look lame to me (I wrote a whole article about how Circle isn't innovative, but I didn't publish it because I thought I was being too negative).

    Anyhow, as an off-again on-again professional keyboardist, I have to say that I am not excited for these gadgets. The just look too small to me. My big clumsy fingers will never work on that tiny keyboard, and I'm not sure if I have a real use for the other two products (I already have devices for their roles).

    Anyway, I wrote another little anti-hype rant on my blog.

  • Did anyone say R2D2 color scheme ?

    I'm definetely gonna get at least one of those !


  • dead_red_eyes

    @ Evan – " Gigging musicians who aren't pianists probably love it. As a pianist, I cart my 88-key weighted keyboard to all of my gigs. It's a Korg Triton LE, and I f-ing love it. So why would I bring a little minikeyboard?"

    You're missing the point. The nanoKEY isn't meant to replace an 88-key keyboard, or to even be gigged with really … it's for people looking to have portable devices that are small and compact in form. Like if you were to go on vacation, and wanted to make some music while you sat at the beach with your laptop. That's the marketability of these "on the go" devices.

    Also, I hate to nit-pick, but your comment on your blog "Generally, pianists who progress to the professional level have big hands" was nothing short of ignorant. Do you know how many professional composers there are out there with small hands? MANY. It seems by your standards, that to be a professional, you have to play Rachmaninoff or something of the like. That's a pretty jaded way to look at things I think.

  • Shab

    Just picking up a few points mentioned above. Adding a USB hub would increase the cost by a significant amount and lets face it they can be picked up for a few quid these days. Regarding the key size, they are the same as a laptop enter key and should be big enough for most users. The nanoPAD pads (sounds odd) are the same size as the padKONTROL. I can't see the nanoKONTROL presenting any difficulties. Lets face it these devices are very affordable and do exactly what they say on the tin. Demand for a product range of this type has existed for ages and Korg have been smart enough to realise this, well done Korg I say and they will be cleaning up for sure.

  • Josh

    The one I am interested in is the nanopad, only because I don't yet have the padkontrol, which I've been meaning to get.

    The problem is, assuming these will be ~120 US dollars (Based on the UK pricing) it makes more sense to pay 179 for the padkontrol. Which is what I will probably end up doing.

    I guess if you really need it to be small…

  • dead_red_eyes: "Also, I hate to nit-pick, but your comment on your blog “Generally, pianists who progress to the professional level have big hands” was nothing short of ignorant. Do you know how many professional composers there are out there with small hands?" (emphasis mine)

    I didn't say anything about composers. There certainly ARE a ton of great composers who have/had small hands. I was talking strictly about professional pianists, and I have nothing against people with small hands … it's just a generalization that I find is generally true.

    Sorry if I offended you. I know that a few great pianists have had small hands … George Shering for one … did Schumann have small hands? I'm not sure. Anyway, I wasn't saying anything about composers, just pianists, who, in general, have freakishly large hands.

    RE: Me missing the point.

    Maybe you're right. Maybe I AM missing the point. Your argument seems to be that these devices are neither for gigging nor home recording. You think that these devices are aimed at musicians on the go.

    okay … I'm confused as to why a non-gigging musician on the go would want to cart these devices with him or her. If you're laying down some scratch tracks or something, do you really think that those drum pads will be faster than mouse entry? Do you think that a keyboard player would rather riff on that mini-keyboard than just mouse in a basic part? Does a recording artist on the go want to carry around his own control surface?

    I don't know. It doesn't appeal to me, even with all the traveling that I have been doing lately. If you really like these so much, explain to me when & why you would use them. Maybe you just have a different working style than me.

  • i would totally gig with them

    in a heartbeat

    and i do a fair amount of traveling.

    they would be perfect for live triggering/knob fiddling/effects mashing

    two of them strung together would make a really nice pair of nunchuckas

    i dont like to haul a lot of crap with me when i play out.

    I keep it fast and lean.

    so that I can light the stage on fire and run if you have to


  • of course the drum pads are faster than a mouse entry. it's something you can't compare actually….

  • lau

    The chappie at music thing has had a touch of them and described them as "incredibly small, light and flimsy." adding "It's hard to overstate how cheap and plasticky these things are. The faders are tiny and toy-like, the cases would need to be taped down to stop them moving across the table."

    Not a big issue as long as they feel ok and are not easily broken… but id leap at something a bit more solid.

  • We talk about this in the new Crosstalk. Perfect. It's about time a company made one this small. Can't wait. To Peter and Liz…I'll take your jazz solo challenge…that is once I get one.

  • I need these paired with a white ASUS Eee PC 900!!!

  • lol

    Can they be linked???

    I'm definitely going to buy the complete pack

  • guidedbyVOIP


    nunchucks! lol

    definitely worth giggin with, especially when used as weapons.

  • We at LIMS too and grabbed a little video with Ian Bradshaw – product guy @ Korg with these li'l fellas.

    They are very desirable, although they might move around some if you give them some enthusiastic action

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  • This is cool to accompany a UMPC powerful enough to be a DAW.

    Anyone here in Creative Digital Music ever tried an Intel Atom powered UMPC as a DAW? If they have and it works great, this Korg's nano series product line would be a great addition to it.

  • Paddy

    do the nanopad pads light up?

    october release wtf?

  • checked them out at NAMM. The keyboard is, in fact, flimsy. The drum pad controller and mixer (think ableton) are both awesome. I don't know if I would gig with them, however, unless I was in a bind. Great for programming on the road and in tight spaces, though.

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  • here is more info in a video from remix hotel nyc: <a>

  • Alex

    Are these out yet?

  • CNek

    +1 Alex

  • David

    Is there anyway to get these to output straight to MIDI without needing a laptop?

  • Hoovmeistr

    It finally paid off! All those years drumming with my thumb and pinky on the mouse pad. It was all Jedi like preparation for the nanopad! And my boss said it was just annoying. 😉

  • Anyone know where these are available for sale right now? Various places I've checked out (e.g., Zzounds) look like the whole Korg Nano series is on backorder.

  • Julio

    I got a catalog from American Musical Supply yesterday. I was just casually flipping through and ran across these 3 gems. The pricing was NanoKey 49.99, NanoPad 59.99, NanoKontrol 59.99. I have an EMU-25, and an M-audio 49 so I don't need any more keys. I may get the NanoPad later. BUT, I need that NanoKontrol NOW!!! AMS said that the pad and kontrol would be in-stock by Nov. 3. The Keys were coming Nov. 7. I signed up for an email notification because I am not a big fan of preordering items.

    But I agree with the majority here. These things look VERY interesting!

  • karl

    Update on availability:

    all three gadgets just arrived at a brick&mortar music store here in Vienna, Austria, Europe. I will check them out within the next hour, maybe purchase.

  • Dbone


    I spoke with a tech support person over at American Musical Supply and they told me it would be the middle of November before the got them in stock.

  • Ben

    Karl, does this shop in Vienna have a website?

    Anyone else seen stock in the UK/Europe?

  • Vanko Micin

    Just ordered the key and control!

  • Julio

    Whoa! For those who weren't aware. They supposedly will also be available in black after the initial launch. See pics here…

  • joshuagoran

    I wonder what the faders on the Kontrol are like and how they are mounted/wired? It'd be nice to get one of those and mod/re-house it with some nice, long faders and use it as a minimal control surface for basic mixing purposes.

    Eight channels with volume and pan control, mutes/solos, transport, and a master level or another channel, for ~$60 from NovaMusik? Even without modding for nicer faders, it'd be a crazy-useful tool.

  • Julio

    I got a nanokontrol and it rocks! I have been using it with FL Studio 7. It takes some time to configure with the editor librarian software, but those few ours were worth it. I now have a custom controller with sliders, knobs, and buttons, for 60 bucks… SWEET!!!

  • All KORG nano controllers are available in the UK at at lowest prices available, both in black and white.

  • I got a nanoPAD for Christmas and, so far, am really enjoying it. The pads have a really nice feel. The unit itself is weighted with grippy feet so it doesn't slide around. The Korg Kontrol Editor software (free from Korg's site) isn't wonderful, but it works. I'm using it with Ableton Live 6. I set up scenes for use with Impluse and also a few for different diatonic scales (big fun!).

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  • Julio

    I finally got my nanokontrol to work with ProTools M-Powered 7.4!!! Priceless…

  • Here's a review of the Nanokey:

    In brief, it's not the wonder-keyboard other (US) reviewers expect, but it's quite decent, and it has good velocity sensitivity for something this small. It's slightly less accurate than a full-size keyboard, and of course it doesn't have "real" modulation/pitch controls (only max/min pitch and modulation max/off toggle). It is tiny, cheap ($50) and it works as a "poor man's" or travel/notebook PC MIDI keyboard.

  • Mr. sickVisionz

    I've been thinking about getting a pad controller and sliders for a while so these are perfect for me.

    My only concern is that I don't see a bank up/down on the nanokontrol, only 4 banks. Does that mean that you're out of luck if you want to control a session with more than (4×9) 36 channels?

    Also, how exactly do these send signals? Since you're switching banks and they aren't motorized, its unlikely that the faders will always be in the same position as the onscreen ones. I'm hoping theres some way to switch between incremental up/down and a set vertical position.

    I'm definitely buying the nano pad though.

  • I use the nano kontrol as a software mixer. The sliders are little but with a fast response and great feel. The buttons have red light incorporated. The setup take like 2mins top but the configuration for your favourite DAW takes longer if u don't have the template (a preset scheme that configures your nano and your DAW to trans/receive the right midi assign). This works perfect with Logic Pro8 and Ableton… Only problem is that: the nano family is made in China (not so good) and is cheap plastic so i don't now how many years my nanos will work in perfect condition but at this price is a god-send ! Take my word and buy at least a nano kontrol… Modern music is now available to all kinds of budget… This will be a classic :}

  • Denis

    I wonder because of it's size will be useful to use it in live performances :S look really small you'll need to be very precise …

  • Marty

    Got a black one last week and love. But beware! One of my keys already came off (have no idea how this happened… went to use it one day and noticed it), and it takes some noodling around to re-seat it. Hopefully you don't have sausage fingers!

  • Roland

    i want to ask about the price of the Korgnanokey

    and if i can buy it in lebanon and if yes where in lebanon

  • Reverb

    love these products…super fun with Ableton Live 8! Korg needs to build a miniature 3 step rack for these bad boys to be mounted on when playing. I would by one for sure…Have Fun!

  • Paul

    I'm having some difficulty. Im running Pro Tools 7.4 and my Nanokey wont show up in the list of available midi. Can anyone help me?

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  • can the nano key drive final?. I just bought a nanokey.

  • canthe nanokey drive finale? I just bought the nanokey on line and won.t be getting it for a couple of days.

  • Saddlemeyer

    I might be missing it, but does the NanoKontrol "catch" the DAW slider? Not sure if I'm phrasing it right…

  • Great stguff. is the shit.

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  • iuywerlkhgpiew