Here’s the one and only Facebook app you’ll ever hear me get enthusiastic about. You know the Facebook apps, of course – this overhyped “platform” generally involves time-wasting, spam-like “Someone you barely know just sent you a cupcake” emails. But I like this one:

Analog Synths

Thanks to CDM’s Liz for being so generous:

And personally, all email should work this way:

I’m waiting for Star Trek’s replicator technology to become reality so we can send around real synths. Anyone? Want to win a Nobel Prize?

  • Franco

    In fact, it's the best app so far 🙂 Thank you for the tip, Peter!

  • Mental note: I'll know I'm in Kirn's bad books when he sends me a crummy cupcake instead of an ARP 2600.

  • Awesome, I have a few friends that play in bands and they will go nutz for these gifts, thanks.

  • MonksDream

    Thanks for the "fun puffery" alert, Peter!

    You may also want to check out "Sexy Classic Synthesizer". It's probably the closest I'll ever get to having a TR808 to call my own. 🙂

  • Mixed Ape
  • thom

    totally added this bad boy.

  • Downpressor

    What? No ProONE?

    Meh. Im not on facebook anyways.

  • Finally, something else besides Scrabulous that's worthwhile on Facebook! 🙂


  • Awww… You're making me miss my Moog Liberation. That thing was a blast at college parties. (And a hell of a lot easier to move around than my OB-8…)

  • You get more to give away after you´ve send some.. The OB-1 or the MS-10 for example..

  • immediately after seeing this post, I logged onto facebook, and low and behold…2 analog synth invitations! I guess that means my friends read CDM 🙂