Ambra Galassi gets her Modul8 on, via Flickr.

It’s a small release number, but I expect Modul8 users will want to pay attention to this one. New in 2.5.5 are various fixes and improvements, most notably restoring Flash SWF support removed from QuickTime. I hope other VJ apps will be able to do the same.

Also in this update:

  • Swatches, color picker for layer colorization
  • Transformation knob for layer field of view
  • Audio fading with layer opacity (neat idea!)
  • Unlimited size for multi-output windows
  • Media triggering by name
  • Lots of other small fixes and features

Modul8 2.5.5 Feature Details

Read on in the forum, and you can find the fix that allowed GarageCUBE to restore Flash support: "Modul8 is using the Flash plugin of Safari, so you could load any file that loads in Safari. " Now, that sounds to me like even Java/Processing support could happen via the same hack. Any takers?

Let us know how the update works for you, ye Modul8 users.

  • If there is anyone with experience in hosting the Flash Payer.plugin (or Java Applets) then please contact us, we'd like to hire you.

  • .. it's about time for some juice 😉

  • Thanks for the post Peter! And yes… Processing/Java. Who knows 🙂

  • Tim

    When will they actually support HDV Camera input (CANON – HV20) ?????

    Record audio ???

    – TIm

  • ilan

    If you are using v2.5.8 it should do so.