v002 Screen CaptureCDMotion contributor vade has posted the first release of his v002 Screen Capture tool, which allows video from the screen (including video, 3D — anything output to OpenGL) to be routed between applications. It all happens on the GPU, which means it’s very, very fast. In vade’s words:

v002 Screen Capture allows you to capture your desktop, or a portion of it to a texture and further process it. This can be used to bring in other applications output or windows as a source input to VDMX or other Quartz Composer compatible patch hosts.

Screen Capture is fully GPU accelerated, and therefore is very fast.

Sample Processing, 3L, Modul8, Jitter, GEM, or any application, and mix them in VDMX, or your Quartz Composer patch host of choice.

Right now, the release is Quartz Composer and Mac-only. (Quartz Composer plug-in support means it’ll also drop nicely into software like VDMX.) But there’s an open call to port this to other environments (Pd, Max/MSP/Jitter, Processing, and such). It may even be possible to replicate the basic technique on another operating system, though the implementation would have to be reconsidered.

We’d love some feedback, so have at it! Especially interested in Processing support; see the thread on the Processing forums.

v002 Screen Capture Quartz Composer plug-in download

  • taperecorder

    I particularly like how you can make it glitch out based on how you set the origin and size.
    This is AMAZING!

  • vade, thank you very much for the v002 Screen Capture tool! Like most people my mind is glowing with ideas of how everything is now a video generator (with no latency).

    My first experiment with v002 is to capture Corel's painting simulator: Painter and pipe it through VDMX. Some experiments can be found at sin-r8.com or youtube.com/SinR8. I've even used it in a live setting at Psymbolic's Re:Vivify at the Social Butterfly Club in Chicago and it captured the attention of VJs who want your tool and traditional painters who want to paint digitally!

    Thanks again and Cheers!