Retraction: I reported earlier today that the x0xb0x has been “discontinued.” Actual status: the x0xb0x is still being made, but the waiting list is long enough that even some people already on the list may never see one, let alone new additions. Whatever happens, that means if you want a x0xb0x, you probably want to build your own. And you can do that, because it is fully open-sourced hardware. You just have to track down all the parts.

So that leads to my next question: has anyone tried sourcing the x0xb0x themselves? Anyone thinking of embarking on it now who wants to report back?

  • I've built one x0xb0x in kit form and built a second one by sourcing the parts myself. It can be done, but it's not for the faint of heart. It took me several months to hunt down all the necessary parts from various electronics surplus suppliers. It's not something I would recommend for first time builders, but people with a bit of DIY experience should probably be up to the task. In the end it cost me roughly the same price as Limor's kit, but I have enough extra parts to almost build a third x0xb0x, or at least have plenty of spare parts for the first two.

    One thing to note that hasn't been widely researched: Many of the rare parts could be replaced with modern (or at least not quite as rare) equivalents. The end result wouldn't be a spot-on 303 sound, but it would definitely be a cool analog synth with a 303-ish sound to it.

  • Yeah, I think now could be a good time to research it. đŸ™‚ Heck, I'd be curious to see something a little different, too — I think that's part of the appeal of it being open.

  • I built a couple of x0xb0xen recently, my advice would be to get all the rare parts sorted then order everything else… it isn't actually too difficult most of the rare parts pop up on ebay. everything else can be acquired from digikey/mouser/adafruit. In recent times forum members ( have been selling rare parts kits doing all the hard sourcing work for you… may be worth checking out also (:

  • Julien Chevalley

    I recently completed construction of my self-sourced x0xb0x.

    It was a relatively easy process. I was able to get all the "rare-parts" from one guy (Gaetano) who has done all the hard work of sourcing them and offers them on sale in the xoxbox build forum. Even better he is based in the same country as me (Australia), so 90 bucks and 1 day later I had all the "rare" parts. 2 Weeks later I had everything else.

    It took me 3 days to assemble, taking my time. Everything worked OK, first time (Yes I was actually pleasantly surprised!).

    The total cost for me was about $400 (AUD). The real killer here is postage from the US suppliers (digikey/mouser). I might have been able to source the parts locally but it would have been a long and complex process, so I was happy to spend a bit of extra cash for the convenience…

  • David

    I'm currently in the process of aquiring the parts to build my xoxbox. What I have found, is that its best to order most of the parts from mouser and digikey (if you download the spreadsheet at ladyada's site it makes it much easier – it tells you everything you need to order from mouser and digikey and you can just enter the part numbers to build your order).

    The rare parts were fairly easy to find – I got all mine from – apart from one transistor which i got from

    Frustratingly, the hardest parts to get seem to be the nuts and bolts to hold the thing together. I'm still searching for a UK store that stocks them.

  • I have self sourced the x0xb0x, and yes I can confirm that its not for the faint of heart!.

    Ordering from multiple suppliers can add the the old courier bill, especially if its overseas you are buying from.

    You have to beware of the ebay listed rare parts, they are quite expensive, and sometimes "pulls" (second hand).

    I have started putting together a self sourcing site to help out the x0xb0x community which lists most of the components required for the x0xb0x at a much better price. (

    Rare parts are listed from time to time as I find them as well as cool overlays and custom firmware ATMEGA162-16PU's.

  • Peter

    I have received the full kit of that site ( in about 9 days after payment!!!

    They seem to be onto it and am happy that I didnt have to wait 12 months to get my 303 acid sound :P:P:P