Simple shapes with effective use of 3D mapping to a scaffold covered with semi-opaque scrims.

From French crew Exyzt, who also have released a minimalist Mac video instrument: Cowboy Bitmap.

via VJ.TV

  • ian

    wow… goes to show true 3d is only around the corner…

  • this is so cool!
    wondering how strong the projector was.

  • Mmmm me likes 🙂

  • Lee

    Has anybody successfully run Cowboy Bitmap on an iMac with an english keyboard as opposed to a laptop with a french keyboard? If so, how did you get the movies to display?

  • Holy crap, that's stunning. So much cool visual stuff going on in France.

  • the best 🙂

  • Just tried it myself lee, wouldn't work 🙁

    Would love to see this program fixed for us english keyboard users and covered in CDM..

  • vnl

    just tried cowboy and it is really painful on US keyboard….

  • thats super-nice!

  • can anyone explay how this made ? how many projectors…where they are etc. etc..

  • Hi,
    i've quickly set up an English U.S keyboard version of CowboyBitmap.
    If anyone is kind enough to test it …. Same place.
    As for the projectors, only 1 was used, driven by a custom Quartz Composer app. Lighting is DMXed via MaxMsp. All the show is midi-controlled by the musician.

  • cool 🙂
    i got some idea for making one instalation with that king of "screen" (semi transparent) material.
    Where can i found that kind of material ?

    PS: my keyboard is PT_pt (Portugal) i will test CowboyBitmap and then i say something…

  • Franz i have tested FR and US version they seen to work ok 🙂 for PT keyboard is a little confuse hehehe
    Is't possible to make some XML or TXT file for configuration ?

  • massta

    Where is the projector mounted (distance, height, so forth)? I'm assuming it is somehow skewed otherwise no light would enter the middle of the scaffolding. Thanks and awesome work!

  • gbsr

    wah. so simple, yet so elegant.
    on a sidenote, it kind of reminds me of the mapping projects by ds:

  • Time for an update?

  • v–v–v–v

    couldnt this have been achieved without mapping, just setting your projector up perfectly aligned with the square, and just programming visuals to work within the enviroment?

    im not saying this is bad, its amazing, but on a level of different ways of getting it done

  • Cj

    Ok….if you watch some of the other clips on youtube etc of etienne de crecy you can see the projector at Front of house .
    The section in the middle with the dj is not being projected onto using a mask layer in a media server of some type.

    From what i can see this is all down to the content looking like it's 3-d,the camera shots from the side have no projection so i guess it's a projector or a few from the front.

    amazing stuff all the same.

  • ed

    It's one projector. I saw him live last year and a friend of mine had a chat with with the tech guys. If i recall correctly, it's a 20000lumen projector and the sofware automaps the squares to fit the structure, with masking of the centre cube where etienne is placed. From there its all image trickery to make it look 3d…

  • joachim

    can anyone explaine me where i could download this cowboy bitmap software can't seem to find a copy and their site seems to be off for the moment

  • josh

    this is so mad!! 20,000 lumens is stupidly ridiculous. I've been doing a bit of research and a high high end projector is around 6000 lumens. where the hell do you buy projectors like that.

    every projector store i go into asking them for features like that i get the weirdest look ever.