, aka Roald Blijleven, has done what I think is a brilliant remix of the Dance Tracks Digital / Dirtybird remix contest track “Dum.” I heard it as satirical, deconstructing the stems into something quite different. I actually laughed out loud at a couple of spots. I realize of course, that mistaking satire is a sore spot at the moment. But I enjoyed it, anyway. And I mean that in the best possible way – I think the musical result is really satisfying.

And bonus points for doing a remix in Reason for a contest sponsored by Ableton with an included Live set. (Hey, I think you should use whatever music tool makes you happy.) Roald writes:

well i have finished my remix. did it in Reason. it was quite a pain to prepare everything, as the samples they provide were not just notes but full melodies and stuff. so i put them all in Audacity and cut everything up to size to load in Redrum and NNXT. it’s on the website right now, so take a listen. if you do not believe i just created the world’s greatest new hip sweaty-ass jiggling track, let me know. because i can’t think of a single reason not to like it.

It worked for me. My ass is sweating. (Wait a minute – I think label founder Claude VonStroke wanted the track sweating, and ass jiggling. No matter.)

Naturally, the spirit of remixing is coming up with something different than what you started with, so I look forward to hearing what else readers have in store, here and elsewhere.

  • my god. talk about sticking a feather up my sweaty ass. i totally wasted the song out of purely artistic motives, and lo and behold, it gets recognized, and i get a post on CDM… guess all that's left to say is 'thank you'. So thank you.

  • Mr. Tunes

    haha Roald. i couldn't figure out if you were being serious about the samples being a pain to prepare though? maybe i didn't get the joke. anyways since i'll be doing a remix for this i'll have to try to resist any future postings that peter pulls up.

    if you want to hear a funny contest entry though, look no further than <a href="; rel="nofollow">this hilarious piece for the hockey night in canada theme challenge. it's the top rated at the moment!

  • gbsr



    atleast its bubbly.

    sure is an interesting approach for a remix though.

  • That's part of what made me laugh, because I went into the stems and thought, boy, what are people going to do with this relentless scatting and this odd bubble sound. There actually doesn't seem to be much in the tune itself that would lend itself, frankly, to a remix. That's why I found this approach amusing: he basically focused on the two oddest elements and remade the song out of nothing but those, and changed the scale of the main synth hook.

    Okay, now I sound like an incurable geek. But you knew that.

  • Jerry

    I like to beatbox my meatbox

  • dead_red_eyes

    I recently remixed a song by Norman Fairbanks, it was a great experience. I too used Reason, and ReCycle as well. Reason's a great sketchpad (and much more) and an invaluable instrument.

  • yes i agree that the stems on this don't scream "remix", which should make for an interesting contest.

    each contest presents a new set of challenges, be it in the stems, the prizes, or the overall organization of the event, but i think that adds charm to the idea of user-generated music releases.

    last year i competed in a remix contest for the balkan beat box, and even though i lost, they contacted me months later to release my entry on their low-key remix album "nu-made" which features the likes of nickodemus. it warmed my heart to say the least

  • gbsr

    @Peter, exactly my point.

  • Des T

    Impressed you turned that around so quickly Roald – I only just downloaded the stems ! Will be putting my mix up, but need some time to get it all together. Will be interested in hearing other remixes from CDMers !

  • what bro…

    Kirn, are you serious?

    Doesn't lend itself to a remix?

    This track is a dance floor banger!

    I get what you're all trying to say, but slow down the techno-babble for a moment. To me, it doesn't matter what programs you use or how "artistic" "different" or "unique" your approach is, but whether it sounds good.

    Dirtybird has shown us that you can be creative and silly while still making people want to dance. Let's hear some remixes that embrace that idea!

  • No argument on either of those points. I just meant the particular stems he used were, basically, the hardest ones to choose — the ones that weren't the dance floor banger ones.

    Any remix ought to be a good challenge, anyway…

  • Joshua B

    That shit is BRILLIANT!!!