Ben Rogerson and the blokes at Future Publishing / in the UK got a nice piece of swag: a Pilsner, to be specific. Thank UK distributor Focusrite for this one (which I assume means the brew has not yet graced Ableton’s office here in NYC.)

They did miss the obvious opportunity to offer an Ableton Live Lite. Or perhaps a liqueur called Ableton Evil (that t-shirt remaining the best Ableton swag ever). “Lively up yourself” I guess appeals to UK audiences. I would have called it Live Lager.

That got me thinking – what other music technology beverages can we make up here? Reaktor already sounds a bit like some kind of energy drink. FL Studio aka Fruity Loops could clearly be a sweet, bubbly soda. Someone could stake out organic tea – maybe MetaSynth. Thoughts?

Ableton Live beer: the ultimate live performance tool []

  • Plus Device

    Logic Pro Water with electro-lites

  • A bottle of Sheridans (the black & white stripey drink) advertising Zebra?

  • Logic Vodka

  • brianvega

    Max Milk

  • Native Instruments Absynthe?

    Buzz modular cocktail? (arrives in separate glasses)

  • @radian: Okay, *I* missed the blatantly obviously, didn't I! 😉

  • TechLo

    "FMN8 Cosmotini…when a regular Cosmo or 'tini isn't effeminate enough!"

  • bliss

    "I'd like a DP & tonic, please."

  • Otend

    How come nobody has said Renoise cola or anything?

  • Lukey

    Switch your vowels, and you end up with mate'synth.. for the South Americans…


    Logic Espresso.

  • dptronz

    Low Pass Ladder Filtered Lager. Drink responsibly.

  • studiojoe

    Red rum by Reason

    Anybody wanna say "here's johnny"!!

  • melodyne merlot?

    and still waiting for "dna" to get released and integrated into the plugin!

  • bliss

    Dr. REX's Sour Mash Kentucky Bourbon.

  • teh_dahl

    Absynth all the way.

    Thank you.

  • What about the Korgacola??

  • Sheabe

    “I’d like a DP & tonic, please.”

    That's want SHE said…….Booyah!

  • Cycling 74's Pint of Jitter

  • @Bjorn: Yes, "Pint of Jitter" is, coincidentally, what my morning coffee pot is like. 😉

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  • Polite

    I read it more as "Lively. Up Yourself.", but maybe that's because I'm jealous of people who use Live. >_>