I’ll be in Melbourne from tomorrow, presenting CDMo at the “DIY TV: Video, UGC, Mobile and IP TV” edition of the globetrotting think-tank X|Media|Lab.

I’ll be talking to some smart people about where visualists fit in the future of TV, and while my head’s full of my ideas of what’s happening next, I’d love to hear from some CDM readers too. There’s plenty of visualists out there currently working on transitioning their art from hobby to business. We have some ideas on how we can help this process along (more on that next week), but in the meantime: How are you building up your visual business? What opportunities or resources would help you?

And for those who are quite happy to do this just for the fun of it, here’s a little DIY TV I put together last week, a continuation of my quick, single shot “Bridge Sessions” video series.

Edward Guglielmino – Landslide (Bridge Sessions) from Jaymis on Vimeo.

  • pepe

    I started buying every projector I could afford + a second-hand DaLite 4x3m screen, plus cables, old switchers and scalers off eBay, and an Edirol V4, over a period of two years, then made sure to take crap jobs doing video scenography and live video productions for all sorts of shows, building a close relation to local lighting and PA companies, who started calling me for gear and help.

    Had to suffer through some horrible shows, but it gives a lot of experience with stage tech, rigging etc., and a lot of people still call me for gear and help, and give me very good money for it.

    Plus I bombed teh google so that people find me first when looking for big screens, VJing etc. in my territory and language.

    Do one free gig at a local club, then sell them a residency. Make sure you blow them away. Avoid kung fu movies, silhouetted dancers, fractals, mandalas etc. We left the 90s loooong ago.