From musician Jeremy Linzee and Ethan Vogt comes this lovely fusion of re-cut educational film with music. Ethan and Jeremy work together live, with Ethan recutting the video on the fly. It’s a really terrific way for this filmmaker and musician to work together. Normally we run this sort of thing over on Create Digital Motion, but since it’s by definition a 50/50 collaboration, I thought I’d spread the love and kick off the weekend with a moody reinterpretation of human biology. (Warning: mild, biology-class nudity appears briefly.)

Hopefully we’ll have Jeremy and Ethan together for one of our future events here in New York soon.

  • that has to be one of the most original concepts i have seen in a long time. im blown away ..

  • Darren Landrum

    There's a band called Bat Lenny that had a video on YouTube for their song, called "The Hapless Inventor", which was made a couple of years ago from old stock footage like this one. Unfortunately, it seems they pulled it from YouTube. I was going to link to it. Now all you have is my word.

  • Vanceg

    This is one of the very nicest uses old educational film footage. It has been such a staple of video artists that I almost cringe at the thought of a video using such footage. But this defies my cynicism and that makes me happy. Beautiful.Shows that it's all in the execution.

  • That is a beautiful song and the video really enhances it. I love this approach to making music videos as an alternative to all the cliches we're usually stuck with. You know, lip-syncing and mini-Hollywood movies.

    In response to Darren's comment, here's our video that he mentioned, sort of in the same vein. I re-loaded it after reading this and seeing the above video.

  • I guess embedding doesn't work, so:

    The Hapless Inventor