PSPSeq, the latest release of this powerful sequencer with real-time synthesis and sample playback on Sony’s handheld game console, is now available in version 3.0. (We saw it last week but it’s now actually available for download.) In this release:

  • Synthesizer presets
  • 7 MB sample memory
  • FM feedback with configurable routing (nice)
  • Shortcuts and workflow improvements
  • Randomization with various controls (range, etc.)
  • Looping improvements


Now, if anyone has smart ideas about how to buy up used PSPs, I’m all ears…

  • I just listened to the demo songs and they sound great! Good job Ethan! Props to HS for his tracks. I can't wait to try it…

  • Formal

    I picked up the beta for this over the weekend and only had a small amount of time to play. It's a great update from v2. I suggest you all break out the manual and learn the new features! R8 and PSPseq3; I think I am in heaven.

  • HS

    Just buy a phat psp and make sure it has either custom firmware already installed or doesn't have the latest firmware so it can be possible to install custom firmware. Sony's a bit annoying in this respect. Homebrew like this and many other apps are reasons people buy their console and all they wanna do is shut everyone down due to fear of 'piracy' which will happen whether they open their system up or not…so silly.

  • HS

    P.S. They're cheap too…I got 2 for 100USD (plus a small work-related favor) and 5 games.

    @Louie – Thanks, bro! 😀

  • @louie – thanks! and congrats on the new rhythm release. looks as pro as always. 🙂

  • alan

    wow. played with this until the wee hours last night. incredible work. i nearly crapped myself when i saw the 57 page manual, though. again, wow.

    seriously, thank you so much.

  • @alan – aww shucks. ;p

    seriously, bring your enthusiasm and questions (and eventually music!) to the pspseq forum.

    glad you're digging it!