Resolume Avenue 3 Introduction from Bart van der Ploeg on Vimeo.

If you’re interested in audiovisual performance as well as audio, here’s an app to keep an eye on. Resolume “Avenue” 3, announced today, is a ground-up rebuild of a popular VJ app. Now, things like GPU-native video may not mean much to the musical readers of this site. But how about features like this?

  • Beat-synced audio triggering alongside video – using the soundtrack inside video clips, or using separate audio files
  • VST audio effects, synchronized to visual effects and controls
  • MIDI and OpenSoundControl (OSC) support
  • Cross-fading of audio and video
  • Beat-synced loops

We’ve been playing with an early betas at the live visualist-oriented Create Digital Motion and will have detailed hands-on reports soon. In the meantime, here’s a detailed look at what’s in Resolume Avenue 3:

Resolume “Avenue” 3 Announced: The Audiovisual App to Beat? [Create Digital Motion]

You can see the results above with Missy Elliot, but naturally this could also be used with very different source material as a glitchy audiovisual experimental ambient set, or as a way of triggering videos and audio backing tracks alongside a band.

It’s not without limitations. You can’t yet use VST instruments, so you couldn’t drop a synth or sampler into your visual set and play that – at least not in the first release, due in September.

But it’s clear an audiovisual convergence is happening. You can add this to the recent debut of GrandVJ, a live visual app with a virtual MIDI keyboard in the display and “Synth Mode” for triggering, or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the addition of VST effects support in the visual patching environment vvvv. And we’ve likewise seen interesting ways of combining Ableton Live and other music apps with live visuals, as in Momo’s tutorial for A/V cutups with Lucifer.

  • That actually looks pretty nice.

    I wonder how much it will cost?

  • lematt

    wow it's ace !

    the only downside is that it's PC only.

    when will they understand ? PC is waste of time…

  • dead_red_eyes

    PC only?!?!


  • jim

    PC only?

    It seems it's running on a mac in the video…

  • nobbystylus

    holy cow…

    they've cracked the 'beat repeat' for visuals thing thats for sure.. cross platform with VST and freeframe support also.. ouch.. Very Live-ish..

    interesting indeed..

  • Hey all,

    This looks awesome! The one feature i'm really jonesing for is that beat-looper effect…

    Any intrepid CDM readers figured out how to create it in Live?



  • autoy

    Site says mac is supported. It would be perfect with AU support though, I'm shure they're aware of that.

  • brun

    ..only pc.. this one is definately running on a mac

  • Ikyut

    My question!!!

    This will be vista ready???????

    I rocking with the 2.4 but this looks greats…

    I will start to learn some dj for the transition….

    looks awesome…

  • Vista ready — yes.

    It'll run on both Mac and PC. Resolume 2 was Windows-only, which was part of the reason to rewrite it using cross-platform C/C++ and OpenGL. Hence the obvious presence of Leopard in the screencast, as some observe. And the video effects format it supports, FreeFrameGL, is also fully cross-platform (and works in other environments, too).

  • bliss

    Wow! And I just read your article about 3L, PK! I'd been imagining this stuff for a long time. And here it is from other folks who were also imagining it and working hard to bring it about. As you said, "2008 Will Be a Great Software Vintage".

    Folks are yelping about Omnisphere, and it will be great, also included in the vintage, but it's the apps that will be appealing to the musicians who are also have an affinity for visual art that have me really excited. Woot!

  • bliss
  • @bliss: Without question, I think this is visual software's moment. That's okay — we're all still learning new stuff about music software that's been out for years. (Ahem, Reaktor … myself included!) 😉

    It makes sense; really mature live visual software is something that's been a long time coming.

  • Gavin

    I've been waiting for this. And on Mac! No more dedicated PC laptop just for my live Resolume rig. I hope the Mac version will play all my previous Resolume decks filled to the brim with AVI MJPEG.

  • I am starting to greatly appreciate v2 of this product; syncing with ableton and having fun with midi. I hope they don't lose sight of innovating the v side of it just to bloat it with the a side. D;