Getting fed up with all this Lilliputian nonsense of mobile devices and ever-smaller portable music gadgets? Well, here’s a massive leap in the opposite direction: DIY sound electronics maker and David Crowder*Band drummer Bwack created the biggest, most oversized sampler he could design. From emprise34’s xanga blog, details of Bwack’s Herculean creation:

he was commissioned by our good friends from the band family force 5 to construct the largest sampler in the history of live rock music. and, with the assistance of his carpentry proficient padre, don bwack, he has done it. there were a few necessary requirements: one, it needed to withstand much energetic punching, and kicking, and general jovial abuse from one of the rowdiest live bands on the planet. there was also the need for it to dominate space with an aesthetic presence large enough to compete with one of the more style conscious outfits on the planet; the family has panache in spades and this thing had to be classy to occupy a stage such thoughtfully coifed hair and magically coordinated garmentry.

You have to see the results to fully appreciate the monster:

The only real challenge: topping this. I suggest, perhaps, a three-story high modular synth with firehoses for patch cables.

Thanks to Bill van Loo, Friend of Bwack (and creator of his own manner of wonderful things), for the heads-up!

  • DAMN.

    I want one.

    That is all.


    all i can say is that even though the gimmick is kinda neat, i have engineered for this Family Force 5 group 3 different times (livesound, not in the studio, as i'd shoot myself) and they are not only an incredibly derivative, but they have egos larger than that sampler of theirs.

    and no, they didnt have the sampler @ the time, they used and MPC1000.

  • isn't it just a computer? the controller components seems to be the over sized parts.

  • yeah, it looks like its basically just a giant controller, running into software. i still love the idea of beating the crap out of a sampler though. i'm not a huge fan of FF5 either, but i do appreciate that they had this idea. i imagine it would be a great addition to any live electronic show.


    esp. if it was a breakcore show and you had kung fu masters triggering lightning fast glitch.

  • BirdFLU

    It should only play Phil Collins drum samples.

  • Getting fed up with all this Lilliputian nonsense of mobile devices and ever-smaller portable music gadgets?

    You say that as a joke, but I think lately we've gone a bit beyond utilitarian with the whole "mine is even smaller than yours" obsession.

    That said, as regend pointed out, it's not really a "big thing" so much as a "big controller", which sucks some of the wow factor out of it.

  • Say what you will about the Five, you cannot deny that they do rock quite well.

    Their fanbase is made up almost exclusively of homeschooled tweens who are prohibited from watching the Disney Channel and who are therefore not sucked into the Hannah Montanna vortex. Also there's at least a 50/50 chance someone's gonna take an offering if you go to one of their shows.

    But from my seat, they're almost impossible not to like. They rock out with synths, guitars and real drums. They sing harmony & rap. And they have some giant pads.

    Derivative? Ok … name me something in pop music that ISN'T these days?

    whats not to like?

  • Screw the MPC 5000, that's an MPC 5,000,000.


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  • I think it's a feckin' cheek that they use a Korg Pad Kontrol inside it !!

    Heathens !! ;o)

  • @Keith: I'd agree, except that I just spent eight hours in transit on buses and trains and things and it's looking like I have lots more in the coming weeks. I was a late adopter, but I'm finding having Lilliputian gadgets around on which I can make music is a huge boon to my general happiness.

    But huge has its own appeal – even if for no other reason than the tongue in cheek. (Erm … big cheek.)

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