Here’s a belated US Independence Day celebration, in a style Create Digital Motion readers are sure to appreciate: filled with the sounds of Sigur Ros, and lots of backwards slow motion. Nothing against John Phillip Sousa, of course. “Be kind to your friends in the swamp,” indeed. (What, am I the only person who knows those lyrics? I mean, aside from, bizarrely, the National Institutes of Health?)

But I expect you’ll enjoy some more chilled-out celebrations of the birth of America (as always, click through to our friends at Vimeo for HD):

The Fourth from Michael Brodner (AIM: Upstate14) on Vimeo.

Camera used:

Creator Michael Brodner writes “I shoot with a Sony HDR FX1. Got it about a year ago and love it. Although I think I like the "look" of the EX1 a little better.”


Casio Exilim EX-F1 in the Wild: Slow-Motion Invades the Mainstream

Slow Motion Pixels: Sony Smooth Slow Record Resolution Tested on HVR-V1P

If you’re confused by the Sony model numbers, these are all variations of the same basic camera we’re talking here. The HVR-V1P Jaymis uses is a PAL camera / not for US use (the US has the HVR-V1U). The HDR FX1 is likewise a “prosumer” model in the same approximate family. The EX1 Michael mentions is a higher-end Sony camera, in a difference range and currently with a street of about twice as much cash. (Yeah, that makes the FX1 look better all the time.)

  • stunning!

  • your wrong about the sony camera model numbers…

    Sony HDV cameras come in two basic versions domestic and professional they are basically the same cameras but the professional versions have XLR audio inputs and support DVCAM recording.
    HDR-FX1 (domestic) / HVR-Z1 (professional) Basically the same camera (the professional Z1 is PAL/NTSC switchable – the FX1 has separate PAL and NTSC versions)
    HDR-FX7 (domestic) / HVR-V1 (professional) Basically the same as each other available in PAL or NTSC (not switchable)
    The new HVR-Z7 doesn't have a domestic equivalent model.

    the letters after the model number (E,P,J etc) denote the market the camera was built for – E is europe, P is PAL, J is japan etc.

  • Sorry, I for some reason thought there was not an NTSC HDR-V1U, but in fact there is (which, um, makes sense). Thanks for the correction. Adjusted accordingly…

    Of course, we don't know what the *other* letters mean, exactly. (V?)

  • adrian

    I like the video a lot. Hope to be able to achieve these results. The music really fits the piece. Good job!

  • adrian

    My only question is how did you record sound (was it live or added in). I have an ex-1 and sound recording isn't aloud in slow-mo settings (720)