It’s been a couple of months since Peter mentioned MachineCollective – the open, DIY modular controller enclosure system – on CDMu, and they haven’t been sitting on their hands during that time. has been updated with lots of new pictures and information, and they’ve even dropped a potential price point: €25-35.

MachineCollective Beta Modules

Despite a couple of visualist-specific controllers – Ohm, VMX VJ, NuVJ – we generally have to make our controller choices from the gear designed for electronic musicians. We see a lot of inventive combinations of hardware and software solutions for VJing, but we also need some good, accessible, basic setups to actually get new people in to performing live visuals. We need more hardware, which means we need more people making prototypes, some of which will eventually become commercial solutions for the next generation.

Let’s get going, people. Ready? Go!

DIY on CDMo, DIY on CDMu.
Arduino site (Previously on CDMo).
Arduinome site.

… and if you’ve already been working on custom control options for VJing, tell us about it, so we can tell everyone else.

  • Simulcast

    Not exactly a custom controller, but more of a DIY copy-hack-attack…
    I've just finished building my first tagtool:
    Building my next one really soon.
    Was using it at "Splendour in the Grass", a largish festival in Australia a few weekends ago.
    Machine Collective is looking tasty 🙂

  • ville

    It's kind of 1000 times (literally) more expensive that the one, but have to say that Jazzmutant's "lemur" just kicks arse for visuals.

    On the show side of life, VJ software and hardware tend to be controlled via DMX with lightning consoles, so especially in relation to that lemur is much more friendly and cost effective.

    Nicest thing to me, is that it interfaces via TCP/IP so I can control multiple computers at once with single controller.

    Of course similar control can be archived by using Midi network build in OS X.