Kent Williams writes us to share his new, free TR-727 sample pack, based on the Latin-slanted Roland TR-727. Kent explains the hardware:  “The TR-727 is, of course, the ‘Latin’ version of the TR-707 — same hardware, but Latin percussion samples instead of a trap set.”

Also seen on the Ableton Live forums and on Oliver Chesler’s wire to the ear; Oliver evidently owned one of these bad boys! (I miss having gear like this, though I wonder if an open source drum machine for this sort of simple sound could be next.)

So we don’t hose Kent’ bandwidth, here’s a mirror on CDM of the files:

He was inspired by GoldBaby’s recordings of unusual equipment, including the German Vermona drum machine and 606 and 808 sample packs as recorded on a cassette recorder. Accordingly, you get some different variations on the recording, rather than simply making everything “pure” and boring.

4 versions of each sound:

  • Original – direct to RME Hammerfall DSP/Multiface.
  • TubeEQ – recorded through a Behrenger Tube Ultra-
  • TubeAmp-Clean & TubeAmp-Dirty – played through a Peavey Classic 20 Tube guitar amp, and recorded with a Shure Beta 87-A microphone and ART Tube Pre.

More Free Samples:

Here are the sounds that got Kent going. We really need a user sample library up on CDM! Any tips on how you’d like us to do that, let me know.

Free Soundware Round-up: Vintage Drum Machine, Nerdy IDM Samples

Free Tape-Recorded Samples of Roland TR-606, 808

Image by Roland Corp, via a terrific Japanese site full of scans.

  • Alan Molina

    +1 for an open source drum machine!

  • Darren Landrum

    My solitary thought on a sample library:

    Tagging. I much prefer tagging to most other methods of organizing large amounts of data. A smaller, more focused community like this can also likely avoid most problems with tag poisoning. Perhaps the site can provide a "fixed" list of tags to use, with users able to be propose others as ideas/problems come up.

    The preset manager I'm writing for that sampler thing (as well as the other stuff we're doing) will have a facility for tagging.

  • TKurata

    Thanks CDM!

  • Downpressor

    I love my 707. That was the first drum machine I owned back in the day and it was literally the heartbeat of my studio at that time. I used it as my main MIDI clock and used the CV out to drive the internal seqencer of my ProONE. The built in mixer and audio outs for each drum voice were a treat as well. The over sized LCD display still beats most hardware drum boxes on the market today. I had to sell that unit back at the end of the 90s when I was desperate for cash, but bought myself another one a couple years ago.

  • Fraser Austin

    I love my 707! I recently acquired the 727 as well. Both are excellent machines, I know the 808 and 909 get heaps of love but I'm a much bigger fan of my 707. I use it in my bedroom studio constantly, though it has retired from live use only due of it's size and having moved towards presequenced live sets.

    The only sound on either that kinda sucks is maybe the chimetree on the 727, it's too quick and sounds like a end of tape chime, you know from audiobooks.

  • Martin Becker

    Don't you have more important things to show than a simple 727 sample library? C'mon guys.

  • poopoo

    @martin Yeah loads of iphone appz.

  • AndMan

    I have a Roland TR-727 with original manual to sell in great condition. Just a bit of Spring house cleaning of stored gear that I saved and should part with so I can add even more gear… reply to

  • awwwmaaan

    404 file error *sad face*

  • awwwmaaan

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