Are we approaching a visualist technology singularity? This video from live visualist virtuoso Eboman might make you a believer. With live camera, live video drums, live camera as instrument, a sensorsuit body performance instrument, and custom software, this set has no shortage of live gimmicks. The beauty of it, though, is that there are so many technologies happening at once that it comes down to live performance chops. The pace of technology accelerates to the point that the technology disappears, and the only way to survive is not with a gimmick but mad skills.

You just sort of find yourself living in the future, a future that strangely combines the ancient, surreal art of the one man band with modern software, with hyperkinetic, attention span-warping results.

The cast, as described on YouTube:

This composition was produced for the Stranger Festival by Eboman and performed live in Amsterdam, 3 July 2008.
Sensorsuit = played by Eboman
Videodrumkit = played by Guillermo Kardolus
Camera = played by Mascha Rutten
Software = SenS IV by

SmadS-Sens is an actual product. Then again, tools like Processing and OpenFrameWorks and Max and Pd could all achieve some of the same results, if you think you want to rumble with these Netherlandish mad scientists – just prepare yourself for mind-blowing amounts of practice and work, as with anything. (Good thing we enjoy that sort of thing.) I also expect some of the 3D video manipulations going on here to become more commonplace.

For the single master of live music – complete with visuals – look no further than McRorie, the legendary, kilt-wearing, sensor-driven electronic artist. So, to the SmandS team, I say, consider kilts! They’re not just for Scottish people any more!

  • For good measure a less visually appealing Live Remix (but the audio is crazy + bonus points for the ease of the monome over the sensor suit) –

  • Chris Hahn

    seriously? This is one of my favourite posts of all time. πŸ™‚

  • my theory is that eboman actually inherited a time portal from a mysterious secret uncle called claud. otherwise, what he's been doing for **years** is just nothing short of heroic. check the archive to see what he was doing with the hardware of the time, each and every time you can add a few years on and still be amazed.

    …and thats just the tech. he's not bad at those pretty pictures and knobbly sounds too =]

  • Thats Max/MSP and Jitter folks πŸ™‚ Great stuff.

  • That Eboman performance was incredible! Awesome!

    It also makes me curious about SenS IV and that Sensorsuite. I once played with a Sensorsuite and that was quite inaccurate.

    Peter, on the video on you can spot MaxMSP (or something that looks incredible similar). Would be nice to know more about SenS IV.

  • Yay for Eboman! I can't believe we hadn't posted about him before, I've been checking out his stuff for ages as well.

    McRorie though… Wow. CDMo has now peaked. We will never better that performance, so we might as well just close up now.

  • Thats Wild!

    I've been looking for something that incorporates many of the aspects I've just seen in this video.

    I love the potential of live cameras and live video sampling.

    Be great to have Eboman featured on the site, so we could find out more about the sensors + technology.

    Was wondering when McRorie was going to make an appearance.

    Great post!

  • ilan

    Eboman and McRorie should have a face off. I would pay to see that.

  • More posts like this please!:) Good stuff

  • C.Nek

    Awesome ! One of the best AV performance i've everseen !
    That's why i love to stroll around cdm.