The creator of iTouchMIDI — now iTM MidiLab — writes to let us know that Apple has approved his app. I know various iPhone and iPod touch owners were waiting to turn their device into a mobile, wireless MIDI controller, so this is good news.

See previously:
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And this suggests, as we speculated, that the problem with Apple’s App Store is simply that it’s overclogged with apps. The other complaints still apply, of course:
iPhone Ups and Downs, Unhappy Developers, and the MIDI Controllers You Can’t Have Yet

We’ve gotten lots of feedback from readers in our mobile device poll. Basically, I’m aware some of you have use for this stuff, and some don’t — just as with any app that’s specific to one platform. And one message we got loud and clear is that Apple’s gadgets aren’t nearly as affordable in other countries. But we’ll, as always, work to keep a balance of a lot of stuff. The first wave of iPhone apps has now become available, so I expect things will die down a bit and we can see if we can do useful musical things with all this software now!

And yes, we have a lot of non-mobile stories in the pipeline if I can just finish the darn things. (I’m on the road; stay tuned!)

  • spinner

    Regardless of anyones feelings for mobile devices and /or Apple the App store is a sign of things to come. The ability to sell & control software and have them direct downloadable to the device will naturally solve a few problems.

    Yes they will and have been cracked but the majority of users will buy them legally – it's a simple question of the path of least resistance.

    For software developers this is obviously good news & in the long run it will hopefully mean that content providers will also get paid for their work.

    Props to CDM for keeping the spotlight on.


  • lycius

    Look: The iPhone is a sexy tool, and it's really beneficial to musicians, artists and novices because program and record any musical thought on the go. BUT is it really necessary to review and catalog every single half-baked software app. in the Apple Store? How much is Apple paying you to RSS every single app. that pop's up? Do they pay by the post? The posts on CDM are informative and helpful for person's like myself looking for newier (cheaper) was to create music with the computer, synths, DIY D/A sources, etc.–But this iPhone orgy is getting frakking ridiculous.

  • unkl3jun

    Grrr….I just tried to install this on my iPod touch and was greeted with a "…this app is not available in your iTunes store…" kinda message…

    Yes, sometimes it sucks to be in Australia…

  • richardn

    just installed fine to me in Australia. Very cool app!

  • unkl3jun

    @richardn: really? damn…how'd you manage that? I just tried again and it still refuses to install…grrrrr

  • PLP

    I was getting annoyed with the amount of iphone info on CDM as well…then I broke down and bought one today 🙂

    i really like itouch midi. little XY pad perfect.

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