Mixxx running with a custom skin.

Mixxx is an impressive-looking, fully free and open source DJ package for Mac (Intel only), Windows, and Linux. (It’s also the featured DJ tool on the Indamixx, Linux-based ultra mobile PC – mine just arrived, so hands-on is coming soon.)

Adam Davison from the Mixxx development team points out some juicy features in the new 1.6.0 release, out yesterday:

We now support vinyl control with Serato, Traktor, and FinalScratch vinyl, as well as Serato CD. This means that you can use vinyl control to drive your mixes without having to buy expensive software or branded soundcards. We also have greatly improved support for MIDI controllers such as the Hercules Mk2 and RMX.

Other features:

  • MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC support
  • The usual DJ stuff: dual waveform display, pitch-independent time stretch (key lock), BPM detection
  • Crossfader curve control
  • Adjustable EQ shapes
  • Wave recording
  • Multichannel playback and capture support
  • Multi-core CPU support, GPU-accelerated OpenGL graphics display

And unlike some open source music tools, it’s got a polished website with lots of documentation. High performance could be a big draw, particularly on Linux. I’ll let you know how it works coupled with a custom Linux distribution, mobile device, and touchscreen on the Indamixx. (Personally, I like the idea of keeping a DJ mix ready to go on a portable or older machine, alongside the usual live laptop set.)

Stay tuned.

Mixxx: Free DJ Software

Mixxx blog

[Note: as reader bliss kindly pointed out, Mixxx has three X’s, Indamixx has two X’s; quit with all these extra letters, already!]

  • this sounds like a good back up using a thinkpad t23 especially since FLAC is supported and Serato doesn't support FLAC.

    however, for a long time i was on a PIII 900mhz 256 mb t23 and a back up sony vaio running Serato ver 1.4, 1.5 It ran solid and flawlessly

    when i switched to 1.6, 1.7, and i needed to move up to a PIII 1.13 and 512mb to get equal performance.

    newest version of Serato 1.8, forced me to get a T42 and faster processor.

  • @regend: Yowsa. That's pretty dramatic. I'm assuming some tradeoff was made for sound quality vs. CPU usage, but in that event it'd be nice to have a "go easy, I'm on an old machine" switch. (The obvious alternative being, keep the older version of the software.)

  • bliss


  • @bliss: Thanks. Mea culpa. More c o f f e e ?

  • bliss

    Sucks – Intel Mac only, no PPC. 🙁 Also, it's "Mixxx" not "Mixx". Don't you know that sexxx sells?

  • Adrian Anders

    @bliss – It is open-source so a PPC version *IS* possible. Assuming a code monkey with some free time takes the porting project on.

  • dptronz

    hooray for the blockhead mp3s. 😀

  • Ms. Pinky/Torq vinyl support would be nice, as I have those. Can not be to difficult since Ms. Pinky is the least commercial of them all and I can't see them not agreeing to work with open source software.

  • Kyran

    I believe the guys behind Mixxx just use open source libraries developed by other open source teams for their vinyl support. They didn't code the low level support themselves.

    No open source implementation for torq/ms pinky exists yet, which is why it's not in.

    (I do have to double check that on their site though)

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  • This is great news – I've been want to switch to open source DJ software for a while. Tried Mixxx a while back, felt it wasn't quite robust enough to compete with Traktor and DJDecks (which I currently use). After testing the new version of Mixxx I'm ready to give it some more run, possibly in a live setting.

    The integrated MIDI controller support is crucial (and smart), BPM detection and sync seems pretty solid on house / techno tracks, and they made a wise choice by having a flanger as the first integrated effect.

    I also have Torq, and am looking forward to seeing if I can pull off a hybrid vinyl control setup of Final Scratch vinyl, Torq Conectiv, and Mixxx software. Should be interesting…

  • chris

    how do u record ya damn mix??????????

  • Kelly C

    I can't get their website to pull up today – from two different computers even…



  • Hi,

    Just to answer a few questions.

    Yes, our vinyl control support shares code with xwax (http://www.xwax.co.uk/), another GPL project whose development process we have been closely involved in. If you just want pure vinyl control and none of the other features Mixxx provides, give it a try.

    A PPC version is indeed on the way. It takes us a little while longer to build this because none of the core development team owns a PPC Mac any more but it should be a matter of days rather than weeks.

    Parent about MsPinky is correct, we don't support that because no open source implementation of the timecode decoding is available as yet. They provide an SDK which requires you to use a binary blob.

    Thanks for giving Mixxx a try everyone!


  • I wrote an in-depth review of Mixxx if anyone is interested.

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  • justin

    i tried to use this with a macbook 2.0 with 4 gigs of ram and i couldnt even get it to play audio without clicks at 300ms latency. which, obviously , is unusuable. and i looked at the wiki and it seems noone can get below 200ms latency. is this true? am i reading this right? this program seems pretty much useless if that is true.

  • Lemming


    I'm running Mixxx with a 4 ms latency setting, without any problems. It's on a rather high-end system, a MacBook Pro, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5 GHz / 4 GB ram and an external firewire soundcard.

    And I did a search on both the Mixxx wiki and forums and I can't find any confirmation of your claim. Are you talking about the same software, or are you just trolling? On the forums I even found claims of people running Mixxx on Ubuntu (with the realtime kernel) achieving 2 ms latency without clipping.

    @chris: Options menu -> Record Mix

  • max vogel

    I love mixxx i hope the mixxx team continues to offer such a great product to the dj community… I am currently running mixxx on a 1.6ghz atom processor eeepc901 i am looking into weather or not i can get the latency down to a respectable point utlizing external sound hardware, ubuntu 8.04 with real time and a total of 2-4 gig ddr2 533…. Any advice on the topic would be great….spacestationmax@gmail.com

  • netbookquery

    I'd be interested to hear about performance of mixxx from those running on linux netbooks (atom powered). How good is it? Are there any real problems? Thanks

  • Paw

    I like the skin. Any possibility to post it?

  • mrthraz

    i second that paw.

    give us some skin!!!



    How i can record my mix please ?