Percussa micro super signal processor

We’ve seen fantastic ways of using the iPod touch and iPhone as controllers, but all require the jailbroken device. Once you up to 2.0 firmware, they cease to work — even if you jailbreak your 2.0 firmware. I’m hopeful that those apps will catch up, hopefully via a mixture of the jailbroken, open-source toolchain and the official Apple SDK. But in the meantime, a very lovely OSC app has shown up on the official App Store. OSCemote (US$4.99) and its free, drum pad-only counterpart OSCemote Light each give you basic multi-touch controls for use with OSC. That should make them ideal for, say, whipping up an impromptu controller for Processing (site | CDM tag). In fact, I may give this a go and start dropping it into my Processing template, so on the fly I can mess with parameters while coding. See also: vvvv, VDMX, and many others for more OSC control.

iTunes links:
OSCemote Light

Via our latest iRoundup over at CDMusic:
iPhone/Touch Roundup: BtBx Acid Bass, iDrum Workflow and Babies, OpenSoundControl App

More on this soon! If anyone gives it a try and does something interesting, do let us know. And you can be sure we’ll have more details on the status of other apps like aka.iphone, mrmr, and i3L soon.