Processing [site | CDM tag] has been updating quite regularly. JOGL (site | onCDM) support has been updated to 1.1.1. Other changes are in the changelog. You can download from, and check out CDM Labs to follow along with what Peter’s been doing in Processing recently.

Ed.: The JOGL changes are a big deal; I’m curious to see what improvements this may cause in render quality via the OpenGL renderer. Processing is nearing its real (non-beta!) 1.0 release, so expect a full-blown update on the progress of the tool soon; see Ben Fry’s recently-posted status report. -PK

  • Hi, first off all, I would like to thank you about this blog, it is really helpfull. Is the home page of my firefox, for I see the latest news always when I open the browser.

    I whant to know your opinion, which software do you like more?


    Today I am using Visual Jockey(thanks to your blog) , and I really like this, but I think its not so powerfull as this others I think. And today have a lot of diferent names, I want to jump to a new software in the future, but dont know which one.


  • @vj lab — good question. They're all different tools. This is worth a blog post in response, but to get my brain going —

    Processing: Ideal for learning to code. The most open-ended of the choices here. Fully open source.

    Max/MSP: Probably your best bet for mixing in audio, and the most documented, stable solution for visual programming across Mac and Windows.

    vvvv: Excels at high-quality visual output because it's integrated with Windows and DirectX. But not an option if you don't want to target Windows.

    That said, this is really dependent on what you want to do — what's important to you in the tool? What's your goal?